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Sunday, June 26, 2011



Well, it's Sunday. That means that it's time for me to dig deep and find something that I'm really thankful for.

Today, I didn't have to dig deep.
Today, I am Thankful for the innocence in children. The innocence that prevents them from being able to see the ignorance in so many people. The innocence to believe that if someone is looking at them , its always a good thing.

Let me explain.......

Gracie got her haircut today.. She loves getting her haircut! While she was getting her hair blown dry, I went and picked out a STREAK FOR CANCER extension to be put in her hair.
My niece had one a few weeks back, and I knew she would love it.

For those of you who aren't aware of Streak for Cancer, check out the link to learn more.In the meantime, here is a brief description
"Streak for Cancer's concept is simple: selected hair salons in Guelph, Ontario will have available for purchase, coloured hair extensions which reflect the colours associated with a corresponding cancer. (ie. Prostate Cancer would be a BLUE hair extension streak; Breast Cancer would be a PINK hair extension streak... etc.) 

"Streak for Cancer", an intentional play on words, will encourage visual awareness toward a public display of support, while raising funds for research in the twelve specific cancers we have chosen. "

Gracie was thrilled to have the "streak" braided into her hair.. She thought she was pretty cool!! (it looked pretty damn cute too! Sorry, she wouldn't let me take her pic)

We left the salon all smiles, and headed out to Walmart.

The reception that my daughter and her purple streak received at Walmart was something that I never would have expected.
Dirty looks, whispers, people shaking their head in disgust.. 
I was appalled! Clearly these people had no idea what they were shaking their heads at.

The way that I feel most comfortable in dealing with this, is to write a letter to these people... I apologize in advance for the long winded post..


You don't know me.
I'm sure you'll remember me when I tell you that I am the mommy of the little girl in Walmart today. .
You remember the 3 year old that you were shaking your head at, right?

I'm the mommy that you looked at with disgust when you saw a purple streak in my daughter's hair.

I'm sure you wondered what kind of mother would ever put a purple streak in such a little girls hair, right? I must have looked pretty irresponsible.

Let me explain.

The streak in my little girls hair was a coloured "clip in" hair extension. 
It was coloured purple to represent CHILDHOOD CANCER. 
We bought it at our local hair salon to support children with cancer. To support cancer research in general.
We paid ten dollars for it, and that money went directly to cancer research.

My little 3 year old, the one that you scowled at, was very proud to be sporting her "purple hair", because she wants to help "sick little boys and girls". 
She wants to help her Uncle who is fighting a very tough battle with Cancer right now. 
Even though she doesn't fully understand what Cancer is, she doesn't like for anyone to be sick, she wants to help "girls and boys get better".

You see, I thought that I was being a responsible Mommy by teaching my daughter about a subject that is very scary. 
I thought that I was being a good mommy by teaching her about giving, and support. 
I thought that I was being a responsible mommy by making the experience fun for her so that it wasn't absolutely terrifying.

I'm sorry that I disturbed you while you were shopping.
I'm sorry that you felt the need to judge me, to judge and shake your head at my 3 year old little girl.

I am mostly sorry though, that the purple streak prevented you from seeing the beauty that was staring back at you.

I wish that you would have known, just what a special little girl you were shaking your head at.
I wish that you could have given her the smiles that she deserved today.
I wish that you would have had the courtesy to ask her why she had purple in her hair.
Had you asked, she would have told you. My brave little 3 year old would have told you that the 
purple was in her hair "for all girls and boys who are sick"..
I just wish that you could have helped to make her feel as special as she is, as special as she felt.

Today, on a day that I've started thinking about what I'm thankful for each week, I realized that I'm thankful for innocence. 
I'm thankful that the innocence in my little girl saved her from seeing the scowls on your face. I'm thankful that innocence saved her from seeing you whispering to your husband and shaking your head.
I'm thankful for her innocence and the fact that she didn't care that you were looking at her or glaring at her mommy. 
I'm thankful that because of her innocence, she thought you were just admiring her hair.
In her eyes, she was proud that people were looking at her "cool" new purple streak. That is why she was smiling proudly as she walked through the store. That is why she was smiling, even as you scowled at her.

I hope that next time you're out doing your shopping and see someone, old or young with a streak in their hair, you'll stop, and you'll smile at them.
I hope you'll smile at how brave they are being for showing their support. Smile at them because they care about all of the children and adults suffering with and fighting with such a horrible disease.. 

I know that I smile when I my 3 year old, and her purple hair. 
I smile because I am proud of her for wearing it, and for knowing what it is for. I smile because of what that purple streak symbolizes.
It symbolizes that at only 3 years of age, my daughter is already helping in the fight against Cancer.

I forgive you for your scowls and the shaking of your heads. I forgive you for looking at a 3 year old in disgust.
Obviously, your excuse is that you haven't been educated about the Streak for Cancer.

Now however, you HAVE been educated. 
You have been educated by an innocent little 3 year old, who is so very proud of her purple streak!

Have a great day.

A VERY proud mommy.

There you go ladies,,, I'm SO thankful for my Gracie's innocence... I hope she never changes!!


Sadie said...

What a unique fundraising idea. I've never heard of it, but now I'm wondering about all the people of seen lately with fun colours in their hair!


The Home C.E.O. said...

sometimes you just want to SLAP people.

Lisa said...

I love that there is such a thing! Even the name is fun and its for such a great cause!

{{hugs}}to you & Gracie!

carol anne said...

First off thank you for contributing to cancer research. I'm currently at the tail end of radiation treatments for skin cancer.

Second it must be nice to have lives so devoid of anything else to worry about that they'd scowl at a little girl. What's wrong with people? Seriously what harm is a colored streak?

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Good for you - people are jerks.....especially at WALMART....

Steph said...

Good for you! and who cares what others think - especially since they don't know you! I did not know about this "streak for cancer" project -- What a wonderful thing for you to encourage your daughter to support such a great cause!

Spanish Pinay said...

yeah, ignorance is many times the culprit of mockery and being judgemental. But you know better and these people just shouldn't matter whatever scowl or headshaking they do. You did the right thing and your daughter is really something to be proud off :)

Spanish Pinay

cssolomon said...

I love that! Streak for Cancer :) My brother suffered from cancer when he was younger and I would have totally done that...well, I did have fuschia pink streaks in my early 20's for no reason :) In college, I worked at wal-mart (with those pink streaks before they told me to tame it down) and I got a lot of weird looks...the funny thing about wal-mart is it sometimes feels like the most judgemental place, but have you seen the people that shop at wal-mart?? LOL - clearly no one has the right to judge. ;) At least your child was clean and wearing all her clothes.

ModernMom said...

First off I am so sorry your daughter was treated this way! People are so judgey :( Second I happen to love this idea! I wonder if they are doing it in my city. Would gladly let my girls put streaks in their hair to support their Granndpa's fight !!!

blueviolet said...

What in the world are people thinking to be so judgmental? I wouldn't have thought a thing of it! I love the idea and I love that your daughter was so proud of how she was helping!

Yahoo for innocence!

Mrs.Moose said...

There is a heck of a lot worse things that get done to innocent children every day. What does a little hair colour hurt? This is when I hit my "ignore" button....because people like that have nothing better to do than criticize others.
Great idea...I might just have to take Shae!

whosyourmommie said...

Ugh...I would have gotten on that walmart intercom and gave them a piece of my mind! Good for you, I loved your letter to them. Then you forgave are a wonderful person! Thanks for that.

Grayt said...

As the founder of Streak for Cancer I thank you for your story. It is unfortunate the reaction your beautiful daughter received. We have all experienced the moments of closed mindedness and cruelty. I wonder how people would have reacted to your child had she chose to shave her beautiful hair to support "Angel Hair for Kids" a charity designed to make wigs for children who for whatever reason (mostly cancer) needed a wig.
Thank you for standing up for our campaign. Thank you for your support, and thank you teaching your child the importance of giving, healing and compassion for people other than herself.
Life lessons come in many forms, and its people like you and your readers who change our world to being a more tolerant, more compassionate place.
Thank you for encouraging your readers to support our campaign here in Guelph (and yes, it's limited to Guelph folks!)
Please feel free to check us out on facebook @ www.facebook/com.streakforcancer or on our blog @ or on twitter.
Your support IS making a world of difference!
In Kindest Regards,
Tricia, Founder
Streak for Cancer

NotSoSilentMommy said...

I just realized that I never replied to any of you.
Thank you all so much for all of your support..
Gracie loves her purple "streak" and no one will take that away from her..

Tricia,, thanks so much for your comment. It really means a lot. I am so happy to say that I am teaching my daughter at a very young age about this amazing fundraising idea, and what a great thing she is doing...
She may be little, but she IS making a difference!!

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