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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help A Sickie Out!

I just got on to Top Mommy Blogs to find some new fun blogs. I was saddened to see that I've dropped to #98!!! I was down to #75..
Has my lack of writing stopped you from clicking my button?? I realize that I've not been my normal self but have you all really stopped voting for me?!! (Insert guilt trip!)
Hopefully you'll all feel guilty enough to either click that TOP MOMMY BLOGS button to the right of the post,, or click the Rate My Blog button below and rate and review me..

I don't ask you all for much, but this time I'm begging!! I've had a rough day! I spent it at the hospital with the worst migraine of my life. I'm starting to come around now, but the thing that would make me feel much better, is your votes!!

Also, the header situation has been remedied, but the custom domain change is still in transition.. Please be patient until Friday at the latest, and everything should be back to normal... Fingers crossed..
Have a great night, my Advil and I are off to bed now!!
Thanks for your support ladies, it means a lot!!
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