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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vent Day is Back!

I haven't done a Wednesday Vent Day in way too long!! What better day to start it back up, then today!!

Let me start by saying that I am completely aware that I may be stirring the pot a little bit with this post. I'm hoping that there will be some people who disagree and voice their arguments.

Now if Blogger would only get their sH@t together, we could have some good comments going back and forth.. Please remember that it is still possible to leave comments. Choose the anonymous option, and you should be able to comment away.

So, I went to a function last night that was listed as a "parent" event. It wasn't something that I really looking forward to doing, but it was something that had to be done.
Hubby had to change some of his plans so that he could be home for me to go. This was not really a problem,  but it still had to be done.

I fed the girls their dinner, got cleaned up, kissed them goodbye and off I went..
It felt so nice to be out for an hour of freedom! No whining, no screaming, no tantrums.... just peace!!

Peace... until I get to the PARENT Function!!

Say it with me everyone "PARENT FUNCTION"!!!

Can someone please explain to me WHY, every time I go to an adults only function, there are kids running around??
There were so many kids there last night that I wondered if maybe I was the "confused" one. Maybe I was supposed to bring them?? Nope, I wasn't confused.

I had to sit through a very painful presentation for close to an hour, with other peoples children running around like beasts and screaming and having fits.

It ticks me off that I went to the trouble of juggling my evening so that I could attend this function without children, yet other people so disrespectfully think that they are an exception.

Don't get me wrong, I know that there are cases that people just don't have another option. Times when people are forced to take their children.
I'm pretty good at picking out the parents that just had no other choice. They are usually the parents that have come prepared. They have snacks and activities to keep their children busy. Oh, and they make their children behave and sit quietly. Those people don't bother me. Those children don't bother me.

What bothers me is the parents that clearly had no intentions of not bringing their child. They come in, plop themselves down and forget they have children...
Their children run around like mad, kick, scream, disrupt everything, and irritate me beyond belief.
It really isn't the child's fault, I lay all blame on the parents.

Maybe we should send a memo out to these parent to remind them what is expected of them..

Dear Parent:

When invited to a Parent only function, please try your hardest to attend without your children. If for some reason you can't find other arrangements, please respect other parents who are without children by following these simple guidelines.

1. Come prepared ~pack some snacks and milk. Bring some activities to keep your child busy so that they don't interrupt the evening. Chances are, your child doesn't want to be here, so please bring something that they will enjoy.

2. Please take a seat at the back. This will allow for easy exit if your child starts misbehaving.

3. If your child starts to misbehave, please respect everyone by kindly leaving the room and re-entering when your child is calm.

4. Please remember that other parents are without their children and are "off duty". Please keep an eye on your child. They ARE after all your responsibility.

We appreciate your co operation and hope that you will make effort to find alternate arrangements in the future..
Thank you!

It really doesn't sound like rocket science, does it?? I wouldn't think so, but after last night, I'm convinced that these things aren't just common sense.. Crazy me for thinking that they were!

Again, I totally understand that things come up and other options aren't always available. I've even been there.
There are also times that people don't realize kids weren't attending. One family arrived last night thinking that it was for the children.. As soon as they realized that many people were without children, Daddy left with the kids.. That my friends was smart, that was respectful and a lot of people could have learned something from these people.

What are your thoughts on this one?? What do you do when its an adult function and can't find backup for the kids?

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GJT said...

Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I know that childcare is hard. We don't have family nearby, so every nite out as Parents is an expensive one. But we do it. I've had to bring my daughter to Parent/Teacher conferences for my son before, and I've done what you said - came PREPARED! Snacks, books, toys, crayons, milk. What did these folks expect?

Gina from vB

Sarah said...

i'm glad you're with me on this one, thanks Gina!
Depending on the situation, very often, I go to things by myself. I'm not talking parties/functions etc. but as far as meetings/conferences/school stuff.. It's just easier that way because I can tell him what went on, and he can stay home and care for the girls..If it is really important, we find care, and then others, we end up not being able to go.. We have a party this weekend that we won't be able to go to.. We're both upset about it, but it's adults only, and we can't find care.. Such is life with kids!

Shell said...

Absolutely come prepared! Otherwise, stay home! I get when parents have no other options. I live in a big military area and a lot of times the moms have to bring the kids b/c dad is deployed. But, come prepared!

Btw, if you change your comments from embedded to one of the pop up options, people can still use their google id to sign in!

The Home C.E.O. said...

SERIOUSLY!! Makes me crazy when they do that.

p.s. i love how you reserved a special day to rant. ;)

Lolo said...

Hurray! I was finally able to follow you ; )

Now with that off my mind I have to say I agree with you. There have been countless opportunities when either I or my husband have had to stay home with the kids to let the other one enjoy the venue and yessssss, it´s a bummer when other poeple´s kids "ruin it"

Your friend from VoiceBoks

Lisa Ladrido said...

I totally agree, when I was a single mom and if I couldn't get anyone to sit with my kids, I just didn't go. However, I raised my boys to behave in the event we were out. I can't stand parents who think that everyone else should be tolerating and watching their kids. Ughh, frustrating for sure.

Visiting from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life
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Optimistic Mom said...

I totally agree!!! Parent functions are for parents only! If we don't have a sitter, we don't go. It is that simple! If it is a school function or requirement maybe one parent goes.
But worse case scenario if you have to take your child, please sit in the back and try to keep them quiet or step out when they need a moment to pull it together.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm surprised that I didn't get a good argument with this post!! I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone in my feelings with this.. I don't know why it bothers me so much,, but it drives me crazy!!!

weebabylove said...

I think I agree with you. Im kinda on both sides of this issue. Most times I go prepared, sometimes I'm not ... so I'm more tolerant when other parents come with their noisy kids. But I totally understand you're view.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Preach it, sister! There are a lot of things I said I'd never do when I had kids that, well, I've done. This is not one of them. I do my best to not take my kids, or not go to the function, or if I have to go, provide the entertainment and leave for a bit if need be. Why other people think they can be that rude is beyond me. The worst part is, they have no idea that they are the ones a memo such as yours (fabulous, btw) is addressing. GRRRR....

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