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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I receive daily quotes in my inbox every morning.
They are inspirational quotes.. Sometimes they're kind of silly, other mornings, they're great.

I chuckled the other morning when I received this quote~

Home is not where you live but where they understand you. ~ Christian Morgenstern

Most people probably wouldn't see any humor in this quote.. It is actually a very nice quote.
Let me tell you why I see humor in it!

On the weekend, I was *maybe* a bit of a nasty person.. I was PMSing, and I felt like crap.
In the middle of one of my rants, my husband actually looked at Gracie and said "Don't worry Gracie, mommies period will be all done soon and then she'll be normal again!" LOL
He's lucky that I didn't kill him! HA! I actually laughed because I found it pretty funny. (You see, I wasn't *that* nasty!)

Later in the day, he told me that he was going to start giving names to all of my different personalities. Again, some would have been upset, I laughed!! 
I immediately started to think of all the "fun" names I could go by. 
Really, it could be loads of fun. 
I could call Peter's work and leave a message from "Suzy" when I'm feeling kind of frisky, or from "Sibyl" when I'm nasty. "Shirley" could be when I've had a really good wife/mommy day, and I have the house all clean and dinner ready.... It could go on and on and on.. 
He would know he's coming home to by the name I leave on my messages... hehehe...

Anyway,, point is, he loves me for who I am.. He accepts my moods and my slight personality disorder.
He "understands" me, the best that he can... If that means naming my personalities,, so be it!!

I think that me receiving this quote was to remind me of this... and ... to give me a good laugh!!

"Home is not where you live, but where they understand you!"   Poor Peter!!

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Shell said...

What a great guy! My husband puts up with all my crazy. I love him for it.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

I think they love us because we're crazy Shell!! I'm happy to hear you've got a good one too! I really don't think many would accept all of "my personalities" the way my hubby does! lol

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