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Friday, June 17, 2011


It's Friday Five time!!

What a week I've had!!! I could do a really negative and nasty Friday Five today, but I'm going to try to be as fun and positive as I can.. Forgive me if I get nasty..

As usual, for all of my blogging readers: Make sure you link up with YOUR FRIDAY FIVE.... please don't link up with your random site about something that has nothing to do with what you've learned this week....Grrr that makes me mad....
Also,, feel free to link up between now and Sunday... I'm thinking that I should change the name of Friday Five,,, to something along the lines of Lessons Learned.... I'll keep the linky up until Sunday night. That way if you want to do a post on the things you've learned, one day this weekend, you can still link up!!!

Okay,, enough rambling.... HERE WE GO!!

1. CHECK THE PUKE BAG ~ If you're going to grab a bag to take to the hospital with hopes of using it for a "puke bag",, be sure to check it for HOLES first!!! Yep,,, enough said..

2. KIDS ARE TOUGHER THAN ADULTS ~ I still cry every time I puke.. Don't laugh!! I do... I hate everything about puking and being sick...  Gracie puked and puked like a little champ, went to the hospital, got examined, poked and prodded. She continued to smile the whole time!!

3. THERE ARE IGNORANT PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD ~ I know, this really isn't a new lesson, but it was thrown in my face a few times this week. If you want to find some, go to your local hospital's ER room..
While waiting in triage with a migraine that might have very well killed me,, I sat with my head down and hands over my eyes.. People actually snuck/sneaked(???) in front of me to see the nurse, when they could see that clearly, I might die!!! Karma people, KARMA!!!!!

4. I SHOULD HAVE MARRIED A DOCTOR ~ LOL ~ Really though,, I'm married to a contractor, so everything around our house goes unfinished while my hubby is off building/fixing houses everyday.. Heck, I can't even get my grass cut (not to worry, we're not "those" people YET)... Also,, a doctor in the house would have been really great this week.. However.. if doctors are the same as contractors/mechanics etc.,,, I guess we'd still be last to be seen... I'll stick to my contractor!!

5. SPORTS AND LARGE CROWDS COMBINED CAN BRING OUT EVIL~ It's not very often that I can say I'm ashamed to be a Canadian. After the Stanley Cup "RIOT" in Vancouver the other night, I was for an instant.. I quickly decided that I am still a very proud Canadian and that I am ashamed of some of those that live in this amazing country. I feel sorry for them that they are so miserable in their lives that they need to cause trouble and damage for no reason. I feel sorry that they bring the spotlight to Canada in such a negative way. I hope they have consciences, but I'm sure they don't.. Hopefully the rest of the world can remember that we're not all like those IDIOTS...
A very sad and scary truth! Grow up people!

There you have it people!! I learned a lot more than that this week,, but those ones were things I needed to get off my chest!! I guess I didn't do a GREAT job being positive and fun... sorry! Have a great weekend.. My weekly favourite will be tomorrow,, and I have something new for Sunday!!
Now get linking up!!!!

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Teacher Mum said...

I'm not doing a Friday Five this week - but I enjoyed yours.
That puky bag thing sounds hideous. Uggghhh

NotSoSilentMommy said...

LOL!! It wasn't hideous at the time, just because I was too worried about my daughter,, but afterwords, it was pretty hideous!! lol

bcIMthemommy said...

While you were in triage did you grab a handfull of those really great collapsable puke bags to keep in your glove box? They have a hard platic ring around the top and the bag portion extends like 3 ft? They're the best!

If Canada weren't SO far from Kansas I'd mail you some--that and asking for your address might put me on your creepy list. Eek!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

They would only give me 2!!! I wanted to sneak some but chickened out!! LOL!! She used one of the 2, so I'm left with one for future!! lol
I wonder if I could get some at a medical supply place...??
Creepy list! LOL,,, I dont have one yet...ha!

bcIMthemommy said...

FUNNY! The last time we were in the hospital with one of our kids, the nurse told us to grab a handful of them to take with us--she said and if he doesn't use them stash them in your purse so you can put them in your car!

And right there is the difference between our two health care systems! Our nurse knew we'd be paying for them!

But good to know in case I'm ever in Canada--puke bags can be used as currency...hmm I see a whole new career opening up for me...smuggling puke bags across the northern border....

Steph said...

wow, what a week... sorry about the puke thing. I have not puked in years... but the children have many a times! (my eldest get motion sickness a lot) It always surprises me afterwards that I don't get grossed out by it... the love of a mom, i tell ya! I always say I wish I could have married a mechanic. Do you think a mechanic's wife wishes to have married someone else?! Alas, I'm married to a computer geek (so all my computer problems are instantly solved!) but he is also a videographer and a photographer... we don't have any "videos" put together of our children (yet!) but have some current photos (not nearly as much as I'd like! ;)) And yep... that riot thing after the cup... huh, not so sure what to think of that... I just keep thinking, "really? you'd cause all that chaos over a game?!" But I'm not into sports. SO, sorry.. i didn't really get the whole riot thing!

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