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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lessons Learned A.K.A Friday Five..

I thought that Friday would never get here this week! Was it a long week, or what??

This week was an "okay" week. Nothing horrible to report, nothing great to report.. I guess that is a good week!

I'm not going to link up this week as my response just hasn't been good enough. What a Fail that attempt has been. No biggie, but it's a pain in the REAR end to get the linky set up for nothing...
SO.... if you want to link up,,, post your link in the comment section.. If i start getting a good response, I'll start doing the link up again..

Readers, be sure to check out the comments to see if there are any other great " Lessons learned".. (because that's what Friday Five is called now)

What did I learn this week....????

1. 8 EXTRA POUNDS MAY AS WELL BE 20!!~ Seriously,, I've put on 8lbs and none of my clothes fit. I can't get my rings off, and I look all puffy and gross... maybe it's all water retention (wonder why?) but seriously it sucks and I need to do something about it!

2. LIME VODKA = Mmmmmmm~ 'nough said!!
Well,,, not really.. Lime vodka mixed with Club soda is extremely tasty, and has  a LOT less calories than one of those fruity coolers that I've been sipping on lately... Reducing calories HAS been known to help with weight loss issues. hmmm.. (see lesson #1)

3.There is a need for "Man jobs" and "women jobs" ~ Seriously,, if I have to change explosive diapers all day, daddy can be in charge of picking up dog poop. My stomach can't handle it! Try to imagine me tip toeing around the backyard, shovel in hand and gagging... yep,, that's me.. Cleaning up dog poop should be a MAN JOB! Oh,,add taking out the garbage, cutting the grass, and watering flowers to that list!!
A Blessing

4.ADVIL puts TYLENOL to SHAME ~ this is not a paid endorsement! When it comes to headaches,especially migraines, Advil gets the job done. Tylenol,,, not so much.. it should stick to being a fever reducer..

5.CHROME YELLOW ~ it's the name of the paint colour used on school buses. No motor vehicle other than a school bus can be (legally) painted chrome yellow. (in Ontario at least)
Imagine,,, I learned this while picking my 3 year old up from nursery school today.. I had no clue!!! 
In case you didn't know..because I didn't!

Have a great weekend ladies! Don't forget to check out Saturdays Favourite Post,, and Sunday's "I'm Grateful for" post....


Steph said...

1. the 8lbs... it's just the heat! seriously... my fingers swell up every night too!
2. i'm going to have to try that out - slurp!
3. heck yes!!!
4. don't know.. don't take any.. i just cry a lot!
5. did not know that... wonder what the "rules" are here in sunny CA...

Have a great weekend!

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

Girl I will be back tomorrow to link up :) promise I love this post and can't wait to tr the LIme vodka think it will be grrrrrrreat in a Caesar

OH and Advil all the way.. our cupboard looks like a Advil factory ha ha.. my bro in law is a drug rep!!

Sadie said...

Agreed on the Advil! And, did you know that typically gaining/losing 10lbs is equal to one full size in clothing. Not to sound unsupportive, but I have struggled with my weight for a long time and I try to always remember this as a little motivator! Nice post this week.


KL said...

I don't know what linking up is but if you tell me I need to do it I will??!! :)

1. I just lost 8 you must have found them. Sorry about that.. I'm sure they will find a new home soon :)

2. I'm a lime beer girl so no doubt this yummy sounding beverage is delightful. Especially on a Friday!!


4) Not just Advil but the liquid gels. I get them in the SUPER size bottles in the states. Aleve is also really good - they come in liquid gels in the states too!

5) GTK
Have a great weekend. KL

Optimistic Mom said...

What a cute post! I especially like the tasty beverage you described. :)
I have a list of blogs bookmarked and just visiting them this evening. However, I will start following you.

Happy Friday! Cheers!

Mrs.Moose said...

Oh damn....I've always wanted a car in chrome yellow!

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

Here is my version of Friday Five

Happy Weekend Girl

cssolomon said...

I am completely with you on these. I think I've gained a few lbs celebrating birthdays (which means cake and fatty delicious foods) and I'm all of 5 feet 1 inch tall...I feel like I've gained 20.

Now I must try your club soda and lime vodka drink...less calories is a bonus...and yes, tylenol has nothin' on advil.

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