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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mommies shouldn't wear dresses....

It's a beautiful day here in Southern Ontario today.
I decided as soon as I woke up that I didn't want to sit at home all day. So, we all got dressed in our cute little sun dresses, and out the door we went..

We did a few things and finally made our way to Walmart.. I put Lylah in the cart. Of course Gracie had to walk by herself. Off we went, in our pretty little dresses to blow some money.

I stopped to look at something.
While I was checking it out, Lylah started bouncing around and kicking her feet.. She quickly realized that she could get her foot under my dress just enough to kick it up into the air..

Belly laughs filled the store.. My child thought this was the funniest thing ever..
Me?? Not so much..

Once she realized not only that she could do it, but that mommy didn't like it, that was it..
Every 5 feet, she kicked her foot up and under my dress.
I can't even imagine how many people I flashed.

All I could think was,Thank God I'm wearing underwear. And, Thank god they're nice black underwear.
I'm hoping that if anyone when people saw them, they were thinking they belonged to the dress.. Sort of like skorts,, but a dress..... It's possible, right??!!

Up until that point, she was doing it from the front. so lifting the front of my dress. I thought that I had finally got her to stop and I let my guard down!
I stopped holding on to the dress. (STUPID!!!)
YEP! Sure enough, I stopped, turned to look at something, and she got me from the back...

I almost feel like I need to write another letter to Walmart Customers today, apologizing for the sorry site they had to see. I'm sure that seeing my big white dimply ass was not something they'd hoped to see on their trip to Walmart.. (or maybe it was?! I don't judge!) lol

My giving thanks for wearing nice underwear suddenly switched to wishing that I had a pair of Granny panties on..
Didn't leave much to the imagination... My butt doesn't look like that by the way!!

I quickly glanced to see who had and hadn't just seen the newest LaSenza thongs, and all I saw was about 3 people's heads spin the other way..
Yep,, obviously they caught the show..
Of course I couldn't have been down a side aisle when this happened. Nope, it was right out in the open. I flashed everyone right middle of the of the store..

I dealt surprisingly well with the embarrassment and quickly moved on.. I got what I needed and moved on.. If I could just get to the check out, and McDonalds,, we could get out of there..

I don't remember what caught my eye, but I stopped again..
Lylah was busy looking at something, so I knew it wasn't her when once again, my dress flew up and I flashed the world.
Apparently a nice old man (who had probably seen the first 3 flashing incidents) smiled and said hello to Gracie.
I guess she didn't like him because she grabbed on to my leg and dove (up and under) my dress to hide from him..
At this point, I didn't even care that my undies were exposed. I'm sure everyone in the store had seen them at this point anyway..

So,,, we eat lunch at McDonalds (don't judge, it was a rough day), pack up our stuff, and head out to the car. I'm pushing the the cart with Lylah in it, and Gracie is walking behind us because she refuses to hold my hand..
We're almost to the car when I hear "THUD"... I turned around and saw Gracie face first on the pavement and she was SCREAMING,,,,, I had to stop and laugh before picking her up because (picture this!) there  she was, laying flat on the ground, dress up around her waist,,,, with NO UNDIES!!!!!! LMAO!!!
After me flashing the customers of Walmart 4 or 5 times,, my 3 year old decided to follow in my shoes!!!

Like Mother, Like daughter I guess!!

So,, lesson learned for today..
1. don't wear (short and flowy) sundresses when going shopping for the day with my girls,,
2. make sure my 3 year old puts on underwear BEFORE leaving the house!!

Walmart probably should have paid me today.. I'm sure that my girls and I were great entertainment for their customers...

Have a great day ladies..


Delaney said...

Oh no! This is so embarrassing, but pretty darn funny!

Delaney said...

Oh no! This is so embarrassing, but pretty darn funny!

Victoria said...

LOL!! Too Funny Sarah! Thanks I NEEEEEDDDED a good giggle today!

Sadie said...

OMG! I laughed out loud...lots!!!! The good news is that there is probably someone, somewhere in a Wal-mart that is putting on a better show than you. now are famous on this website......

Thanks for the real, and honest Mommy-moment!

KL said...

I just had this chat the other day. Full backs or thongs? I went to find a picture to post on my page (not really thinking too much about it) and realized that I typed into my work computer "thongs" and some not so work appropriate pictures came up. I was trying everything under the sun to shut my computer down. (I'm a lunch blogger!!) lol
I really hope that no one ever checks my computer. I'm not sure how to explain this or Facebook, or
Thanks for the laugh. I can just picture this being me in a couple of years :)

Echo said...

omg I just laughed my butt off! no pun intended! I'm sorry for your embarrasement but that's so something that would happen to me!

Steph said...

OMG -- that is hilarious!!! I would have died if my children did that to me.. and yet there you were exposed to Walmart and you still managed to finish your shopping AND have lunch! (for that, I bow to you!) But then to read on about your girly girl falling down... HA! Karma, right?! That's what you get for flashing your momma! But seriously, I hope she wasn't too hurt though from the fall... ;)
Oh, what would we do without Walmart? So many funny things happen at Walmart! :)

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

omg sarah I LOVE THIS classic!!

GJT said...

That's pretty funny! My son has done something like that at the airport, only I didn't realize that the back of my skirt was folded up...for about 5 the airport. Thankfully some woman was kind enough to alert me to it, but I felt humiliated. I was actually thinking of the people of walmart site while reading your post! What's that old Mom saying, never leave the house without clean undies?

dramaticmama said...

lol. too awesome!!!! [maybe not at the time for you] but funny for me. :P lol. hopefully your daughter didn't hurt herself when she fell, but holy moly, what a day for you! thanks for making me giggle this morning. lol.

Optimistic Mom said...

LOL! Too funny! I am glad you are okay and able to blog about it! Thanks for sharing. :)

Sarah said...

That is hilarious! Gotta love kids. And my favorite stories are when kids are crying and parents are laughing. It's so sad but true. Thanks for the laugh today, and don't worry, we went to McDonald's twice last week.

Cocoons 2 Butterflies said...

Ha! That's funny! XD

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