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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Five ~ June 10

Oh Friday!! How I typically love you!

Today though,, I've dreaded you all week!
As you all read this, I am probably in Hamilton at the Children's Hospital with my baby.. Hopefully,, it will be a great day and we'll leave with confirmation that we have a healthy little girl...

In the meantime, it's time for my Friday Five again... I tried to get smart this week and write things down as the week went on. It was funny because something would happen and I would catch myself asking if the situation was "worthy" enough for my FRIDAY

Please don't forget to link up (what you learned this week) as usual.. I'm trying a new linky tool today so hopefully it cooperates!! I Can't wait to hear what everyone has learned this week!!

HERE WE GO......

1.CHILDREN PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE EXPOSED TO REALITY COP TV SHOWS~ It apparently scares them and makes them believe that police officers are bad and scary people.... BAD DADDY!

2. TODDLERS DON'T PLAY THE WHOLE "I'M IGNORING YOU" GAME~ Who would have thought that a child could repeat "I'm not tired, I'm don't wanna go to bed" 375+ times without stopping? Mommy finally threatened to call the policeman..(see above).. BAD MOMMY! (don't judge, it worked)

3.WHEN CHOOSING WHICH TO SAVE, BETWEEN A FALLING GLASS OF WINE AND FALLING TODDLER, SAVE THE WINE!! ~Bumps and bruises heal faster than I can get red wine stains out of my sofa, and it wasn't really that big of a drop for the toddler... she's tough! (FYI.. daddy saved the toddler and I just finished steam cleaning my sofa!)

4.LAUNDRY REALLY DOESN'T GO ANYWHERE! ~ I didn't touch it for 3 days, and the pile is bigger than ever (imagine?!).. But hey, at least it didn't go anywhere..... :(

5. FEAR AND STRESS MAKE WILL NOT MAKE THINGS ANY BETTER~ and it sure in the heck doesn't make things go away!  All of the stressing, and worrying about this appointment with Lylah, and I have achieved
nothing! I am still going to the appointment and I still have to face the music.... All the time and energy I've wasted stressing, could have been should have been spent thinking positively!!

There you have it,, I'm another week wiser!!
Now, don't forget to share what you've learned this week, either through comments or the linky posted below...

Have a great weekend and don't forget to pop in for my weekend favourites... Saturdays post almost made me pee my pants when i read it!!
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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

Sarah my heart goes out to you and Peter. I am thinking of you today and will surround you with the most powerful white lights and positive energy I have..

As for # 5 it is so easy to say that you should have not worried but it is your baby.. not easy.

NinaLaZina said...

Yes, that laundry does not make a dash for the front door - if only. love the post. wishing you and your husband good news today. First time here - from Friday blog hop. What i learned this week? My eight year old is growing up too fast! He was suppose to be practicing piano. He played once, recorded himself and played it back whilst he watched tv and ate biscuits with his feet up!! the penny dropped when he seemed to be playing perfectly! lol.


Shell said...

I love that you'd save the wine over the toddler. Toddlers bounce back so easily.

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Please don't remind me of the laundry!! Hope all is well for you today, and I'm going to try Linky for the first time coming up. Is it complicated? Thanks!

Lala said...

I'm a new follower writing from Lala Musings: Lizzy the Biter. I found you from the FNF blog hop. Your blog title peaked my interest so I thought I'd take a look around, and I think I've found another favorite! Your #2 made me laugh. I also have a child that will repeatedly say the same sentence until someone either does what she says or answers her. The weird part, aside from being incredibly annoying, is that she never loses her cool as she patiently and methodically repeats something like, "May I have a drink of water, may I have a drink of water...etc". There is no way you can't answer her because she will not stop. She is 4 but has been doing this since she started talking. Children are a joy. ;-)

Anyway, great blog!


Melanie said...

I wish you the best today! My prayers and thought will be with you.

I wish I was as clever as you for some fabulous five. I'll have to think on that and get back to you!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

@Nic~ Thank you!!
@NinaLaZina~Thank you for your well wishes and it sounds like you have a very smart little one on your hands. That is too funny!
@Shell~ Would you have saved the toddler??! lol..My sofa is cream colour and the wine was red!! They do heal up fast!! HA!
@Courtney~ Sorry to remind you,, laundry sucks!! Thanks for the well wishes and the whole linky thing is really easy! good luck!
@Lala~ We call our baby LALA!! Love it,, I love that your daughter has always repeated too! It's the most annoying thing ever! I'm so happy that you like what you've found!!
@Melanie~ Thanks for your thoughts and wishes,, we made out pretty good! Get back to me for sure. I follow you and have no doubt that you'll come up with something great!!
Thanks ladies!!!

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