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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Short Shorts and Big Boobs

As I sat in the ridiculously long (drive thru) lineup at Tim Horton's this morning, I was thinking about all of the fun things I could write about today..

My 18 month old falling in the toilet while trying desperately to go "pee pee", the cool letter that I received from my psychic friend, how much I hate my hubby working on side jobs after work, but how much I love the $$$$, how overwhelming it is trying to work from home with two little ones...... Those were just some of my ideas.. I hadn't quite settled on "the one" yet, but it was leaning towards the toilet plunge..

These ideas were thrown to the back burner within 30 seconds of me pulling up to the pick up window. I paid for the coffee, received the coffee, (and Lylah's timbits) but had to wait for my bagel...
While waiting, I was people watching.... which my friends, deserves a separate blog all together! Anyway, this black car pulls in, and out steps these 4 girls.. 4 young girls!

Can someone please tell me what has happened in the past few years?? SERIOUSLY!!! I'm not going to put these girls at much more than 17 years old. They could probably pass for 23/24 though.
Where did these girls get their bodies, and why wasn't god making bodies like that when I was in high school?
Their legs were as long as my whole body, and their boobs were the size of my head! I'm not kidding!!
This is kind of what I'm talkin' about!
They all had long, straight, shiny hair and perfect golden brown tans. It wasn't just one of them that was "built" like this,, they were all "blessed" with these figures.These figures that were shown off with tight t shirts and tanks. As well as Booty shorts that looked like they might have been "eating their bums" (as Gracie would say)
Lucky high school boys is all I can say!

After this morning, I am scared! I am very scared!! If this is what teenage girls look like these days, I need my girls to stop growing NOW!

I will put up with tantrums and toys and messes. Hell, I'll change diapers for the next 20 years! I do NOT want my little girls to grow up and look like that..

Just think, If I noticed those girls looking like that, imagine what men (of all ages) think of when they see them?!

Ahhh!!!! Why didn't God give me boys??

I also want to point out, that these girls weren't "trashy" looking, they were very nice looking girls and looked like they were decent. I wasn't looking at them thinking "little tramps", I was thinking something more like "Lucky Little B*tches".....

And then,,,, I thought to myself...(still waiting for the bagel).. I wonder what they'll look like after 2 kids??? I wonder how much they'll love those boobs while they're pregnant and immediately after?? hehehe,,,,, My "lucky little b*tches" thought immediately turned to "the poor girls won't even know what hit them"..

As I was driving home, I thought about how much I didn't want my babies to grow boobs OR legs like that. I want them to stay little and innocent.. I don't want boys looking at them.

I also found myself wondering....
Was there ever a mommy (with tired eyes, small boobs, stretch marks, 10 extra pounds and a crying child in her back seat) watching my girlfriends and I giggle as we walked through a parking lot, calling us "
"Lucky Little B*tches"???

I'm willing to be there was!!!
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iMentalMommy said...

They are a dime a dozen here in Miami. Unfortunately, parents also seem to think that its OKAY to dress their little girls...and i mean incredibly young hooker apparel. You should see what they wear to church!! It's like they went straight from modesty to the corner. However, I wish that I could go back in time and punch myself in the face for looking like I did. I'm jealous of the old me. Sad.

The Home C.E.O. said...

but did you get the bagel?

oh the blog! oh right, yeah i totally agree. but in my book, they are whores. all of 'em. skanky, trashy, skinny WHORES. my husband (who has an 18 year old daughter) is VERY uncomfortable with the way young girls dress. especially if he see them from behind and thinks "nice ass" and then they turn around and he darts to the nearest trash can to vomit. that's how disgusted with himself he is. or so he says. or so i believe.
*sigh* I wish i was a skanky, trashy, skinny whore again. i miss those days. so much fun.

nateandkatesmom said...

I had that body when I was that age....only minus the long legs (I'm only 5'2. But when I was that age girls didn't dress that way. We weren't allowed short shorts in school, or skinny strap tanks. That was public school too. My parents wouldn't have let me out the door like that even if we were. I have a 7 year old girl (going on 17). She's in such a rush to grow up, and dress like a teenager. Times may have changed, but I think I'm gonna be just like my parents on this one. no hoochie mamma shorts around here!

Shell said...

Ha! They will see after they have kids.

I have to say I'm glad there weren't girls like that when I was in high school- I was insecure enough as it was back then!

Sadie said...

Too funny, BUT with two girls of my own I'm really freaked out about what girls wear these days. When I supply teach I am regularly shocked about the revealing or inappropriate clothing that even little girls wear. I don't remember plumber-butt being the trend when I was 10! Maybe I'm just a prude???

Here's a post about people watching:


Mommy LaDy Club said...

Big boobs aren't such a blessing, because you tend to grow into them;) I'm sure there was some Mom checking you out from her car!

Amy said...

So true. I remember sitting there in high school thinking how "fat" I was with my big boobs and wide hips. I had NO idea how good I looked. I wish so much I had that body again but after 1.5 kids, probably not gonna happen!

DebrasDollars said...

My daughter is almost 1 year and I just can not imagine her wearing some of these clothes in 15 years. Even little girls are being dressed inappropriately. My daughter will be dressing like I did. No daisy dukes and No low cut tops and No tiny little string bikini's. She will be stylish but modest. Call me old fashioned but I'm just not into the style these girls are wearing these days. I found you through voiceBoks. I hope you have a wonderful day. Great post for parents with pre teen girls and even younger girls.


b2bab said... are a funny blog writer! Loved this post. It's true though. Times are totally different even from when I was younger...& I'm only 28! I have a little girl that gets oohs & aahs & the 'you're beautiful's...scares me for when she gets bigger. God blessed me with beautiful kids...but I'm startin to think there's a thorn side to that blessing. lol :)

NotSoSilentMommy said...

LOL! Yes, I got my bagel! I ate it on my way home, completely depressed!!
It seems like everyone is on the same page in regards to how girls are dressing these days.
I too say that I may be old fashioned and that my girls will never dress like that. What scares me though, is the thought that when they are 17 or 18 years old, are we really going to have much say??
And, like some of you, I look back and hate my "old me" and wish that I would have appreciated my body a little more back then!! Thanks for all the great comments!

Victoria said...

FINALLY, I am getting on here to comment! So what I wanted to say was that you to me are that MOM the rest of us look at and say WOW, she is gorgeous, I hate HER! I know you so I personally don't think that way, but someone might see you and think that. You have 2 kids, you look hot and to an outsider it may seem effortless, especially because your youngest is so young. Am I making sence??
But yes the girls these day don't wear enough clothes!!

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