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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sickness Update

Within a couple of hours of being up and very sick, I realized that I was out of diapers.
That would only happen on a day that I feel like I'm going to die!!
I had no choice but to put the girls in the car and hope for the best. Other than severe stomach pains, I did okay... no major mishaps.
When we got into the pharmacy however, Gracie started shivering. It was chilly out, and she has been known to be a bit of a drama queen, but I knew something wasn't right.
I put my hand to her skin and gasped! How had I not noticed that my child was burning up? She had told me that she was really tired, but I thought it was because we had such a busy weekend.

Once home, she crawled onto the couch and went to sleep.. Her temperature was 102.5 at that point.. I pumped some drugs into her and let her sleep. I was thinking at that point that we must have the same "bug".
She woke up about 30 minutes later and seemed great.. She ate a little, and then asked for her nap!
This is when I realized she was REALLY sick.
The nap lasted 1.5 hours. I met her on the stairs when she woke up. Her face was puffy and red, and once again she was on fire.. Her temp was now  a little over 103, and mommy was scared. (I know that isn't THAT high, but my children have never gone about 102)
I took some of her clothes off and gave her a freezie. I also made my sister come check her out. She seemed okay..
Within minutes of my sister leaving, the freezie was making its way back out. The poor little thing was so sick!!
After puking, she seemed to really come around for a bit.
Daddy came home a couple of hours later with some Gatorade.
Within 10 minutes of drinking it,, she was vomiting again!
Away to the hospital we went.. (I had suddenly forgotten that I was even sick. It's amazing how we can do that, isn't it?)
To make a very long story short, Gracie has strep throat and she's miserable.

I plan on writing in the morning to tell about my adventure at the hospital. It's silly, but I need to vent about it..

In the meantime, and while you're waiting,, check this out!!

I just found this on StumbleUpon. As soon as it is back in stock, I'm ordering one for my front hall.. It goes perfectly with my decor, and says everything that I would like it to. In fact.. I'm positive that someone made this for me!!!

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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

Sarah this sucks.. yikes I am so sorry that Gracie is so sick but thankful you got her in that Strep Throat makes me scared cuss it can change so fast to something worse.

p.s what the hell is up with our blogs.. I am sendiing a email to danielle :) help!!!!!

Sadie said...

I had trouble getting here today! Couldn't link through my Blogger Dashboard! :-(

Sorry to hear everyone is unwell. We've got a bug at our house too, and I swear it is because of this ridiculous weather. Feel better soon.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks ladies... I see a meldown in my very near future...
Nic, I have no idea what is going on with the headers..
Sadie,, let me know if it doesn't work by Thursday. I think the blog is in transition.. I'm going to die if I lose everything!!

Ej said...

Awww :( Hi! I'm visiting from the weekend blog hop! Please like/join/follow me back at - thanks!

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