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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Favourite~ PLEASE READ!

This week, my Saturday Favourite isn't a blog post.. 

It's actually an article that was in my local newspaper.. 

This article is one that gives me goosebumps every time I read it.
It is an article that makes me want to be a better person, a better friend and a better mother. 
This article inspires me to teach my children about what it means to be a good person, and how to be a good friend. It inspires me to teach them how to treat people no matter who they are or what they look like.
This article touched me in a way that I didn't know was possible. 
This article has opened my eyes to how cruel society and even children can be. It frightens me. It frightens me to think that one day my child could be writing an article like this.
It inspires me to make sure that will never happen. It inspires me to be a part of making sure that no child has to write an article like this again.

When you read it, I hope that you are inspired in all the same ways..

He’s not ‘just a boy,’ he’s very special 

By Susan Farrelly, Guelph Mercury Community Editorial Board
I was out for lunch with some friends a few days ago and our conversation turned to our children. Most of our conversations do.
One friend began to tell us about the struggle that her son is having. He’s in Grade 8 in our community. She shared with us a piece of writing he had produced.
She had asked him to write a pro and con list about going on his school’s Grade 8 graduation trip. But for a spell-checking, this is what he wrote:
I am just a boy who didn’t have any choices about the hell I have endured.
I am just a boy who couldn’t wait to go to school and learn and be liked.
I am just a boy who wanted to make friends and be part of the team.
I am just a boy who didn’t get to realize this dream.
I am just a boy who would walk around the playground, alone and sad, as I watched other kids play soccer and wished they would call me over to join in — just once.
I am just a boy who never got picked for a team and was always last picked in gym class.
I am just a boy who was teased for lacking in athletic ability and mocked for the way I run.
I am just a boy who desperately wanted to share my story but had to suffer in silence for fear of more torment.
I am just a boy who had to suck it up and pretend I was fine and it didn’t matter.
I am just a boy who wanted a friend and a confidant.
I am just a boy who wanted to be accepted for my differences but liked more because of them.
I am just a boy who looked forward to ending my primary school years better than they started.
I am just a boy who wanted to go on the year-end trip with my classmates feeling a sense of belonging.
I am just a boy who just learned that I am not accepted and I don’t belong.
I am just a boy who won’t be victimized anymore and will make choices that will not subject me to the constant messages of you don’t matter or you are a freak.
I am just a boy who will leave elementary school the same way I started, wanting a friend, wanting to feel accepted wanting to be “one of the gang.”
I am just a boy who had to be brave and pretend that none of this hurt.
I am just a boy who is funny and kind and plays by the rules.
I am just a boy who doesn’t understand why subtle yet constant badgering isn’t considered bullying — yet it hurts just as much.
I am just a boy who is tired of waiting for it to stop, waiting for adults to make kids accountable, waiting for a better tomorrow.
I am just a boy who is wishing his childhood away because I hear that adults don’t behave that way.
I am just a boy who loves life, and laughter, and all the things that other kids like and for that I am not different.
I am just a boy who hopes that one kid understands the impact of being so mean, so unkind.
I am just a boy who wonders if they think about the cruel things they say, the cruel things that they do.
I am just a boy who wonders if they are being mistreated and that is why they are so careless with their words that cut through my soul.
I am just a boy who promises to never ever treat anyone like this.
I am just a boy who promises to raise children to be kind and thoughtful and tough enough to stand up to those that don’t.
I am — just a boy.
I hope parents will read this with their children. I hope teachers will read this to their students. I hope teenagers will read it to themselves.
I hope after reading this, when young children are playing on the playground, others take a moment to look up for the child that is playing alone to ask that boy or girl to join them.
I hope when a teenager walks into the cafeteria, they aren’t looking for the table that they always sit at with their friends — but looking for that young person sitting alone to go and join.
I hope individuals learn to be careful with their words because they cannot be taken back.
I hope when individuals hear a person mocking another they have the strength and courage to stand up and say that is not OK, no matter what the situation is.
I want to thank this young man for letting me share this beautiful piece of writing with our community. I want to tell him he has a very strong voice. The act of writing is powerful. He is beautiful. He is strong. He is a very special boy.

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Terri said...

This makes me stop and think. I am going to talk to all of my grandkids about playing with those who are alone.

Sadie said...

This is lovely and touching. When I supply teach I meet all kinds of kids - sometimes it is so obvious that they are suffering at the hands of their peers, but it is kids that suffer silently that we need to worry the most about. The ones that hide their hurt. This boy's bravery in sharing his feelings hopeful means he is already on his way to some sort of healing, even if things get rougher before they get better. He's just a boy, but a brave one at that!

Sarah - I didn't realize you were in Guelph. Me too! lol

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

So beautiful and his words touched me deeply... xoxo

NotSoSilentMommy said...

I'm happy that you ladies enjoyed this... It touched me deeply as well.
Sadie,, he is definitely a brave boy to write this... I think he's well on his way to healing the hurt he's been through. I hope so anyway!

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