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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Fav.

Hey Ladies,

I know that I've totally sucked this week, but I refuse to apologize for it.

I've had such a great week with my family, and I've only got 3 days left to enjoy it. There is no time for apologies.. Only sun, pools, tequila and family!!

I figured though, that I better get my butt on here though and give you my Saturday favourite so that you can at least enjoy what someone else has to say.

I didn't get a chance to read many posts this week, but I read this one and it really stuck out to me!

Check out Nicole at MY IDEAL LIFE: A MOTHER'S MUSINGS. A WIFE'S RANTS. A WOMAN'S WORDS. She has written a great post called Good Mum, Bad Mum, Good Mum.
As usual, I'm sure you'll all be able to relate to her words.

Enjoy the long weekend and play safe!! Here is another picture from my week as well!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holidays...almost over.

I'm on holidays and I feel guilty about not posting... silly!!

I look at my stat section and it's crazy how views drop when you're not posting regularly..

I'm over it!!

So, I found myself with a dilemma tonight.. that's why I'm on.
I always come to my readers for advice.

My 3 year old has started asking about GOD... Yep!!
What do I do with that?

I was raised Catholic, and still hold on to many of the Catholic beliefs. That being said, there is a lot that I am ignorant to, don't understand,don't agree with etc..

I was surprised tonight when i couldn't answer the question "WHO IS GOD?"

I just kind of sat there staring at her,,, kind of panicking, wondering what in the heck I should say next.

My reply???

"Ummmm... you're going to learn all about that in school honey" (she is enrolled in a catholic school)

Her reply??

"Mommy? Is GOD like the Tooth Fairy?" (C'Mon! You have to admit, that is pretty smart for a 3 year old. Where did she pull that from?")

My reply??

"Yes honey,, I guess in a way, GOD is just like the tooth fairy."

"So, is God kinda like a ghost or an angel?"

ME: "Kinda" (DUH!! I'm not great with answers.)

HER: "So you think someone sorta threw God up there? That's how he died?"


For tonight, that was good enough. She was satisfied with that.

But my dear readers,, what do I say the next time she asks? Obviously she's going to inquire more!

I am ,what you would call spiritual, but not overly religious.
Yet, at the same time, I want my girls to have some sort of foundation when it comes to religion..

OH GOD gosh, What do I do from here? What do I say? What belief do I instill??

I know that this topic could get really heated, and really serious fast, so I'm going to end it here.
I just want your opinions, your suggestions.
What do I do? What do I say??

Answers are greatly appreciated!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Checking in!

Hey Ladies!

I'm back from the cottage, but still in Vacation mode!

We had such an amazing weekend! I actually feel like I got a holiday. That being said, I'm home and have a mountain of laundry to snap me back into reality!

There were 3 couples and 7 children at the cottage. The kids did an awesome job entertaining each other.

I decided that in a perfect world, one would have 7 children so that they could always be the entertainment for each other.
Obviously it would be tough until the youngest was about 2, but my gosh, after that, we'd be home free!!

Obviously, I'm not willing to try my theory out, I'm just putting it out there!

The other thing I decided this weekend, is that I need a cottage!
Yes, NEED!!!
I'm tempted to sell my house, live in a townhouse and buy a cottage.

Watching my girls enjoy the cottage life was amazing. The kids woke up, put their bathing suits on, and played in the water and sand, all day!!
That is how kids should be spending their summer weekend!!

We'll chat more about that next week.
We're off to the beach again tomorrow. Gracie has a new love for swimming and water, so we're going to keep her happy while daddy is off!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I'll pop in again at some point this week.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Fav.

As soon as I read this post, I knew it would be my weekly favourite. Even if it was on Wednesday when I read it, I knew nothing could beat it this week.

I found Kate through a weekly link, and I'm so happy that I did.

I hope that all of you can relate to this post as much as I did. I'm sure some of you will even want to share it when you read it. Just as I did!

For any of my friends out there reading, I'm posting this for you as well!

A LETTER TO MY FRIENDS (hopefully?) can be found over at ON THE GO MOMMA.

You'll love it, I promise!!


Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey Ladies!

Another day into the heat wave, and another day that I don't have a REALLY great post for you!


We are leaving this morning for a weekend away! Friends of ours have invited us to their cottage, and I can't wait!
My hubby has the whole week off next week so it is a great start to our holidays!

I'll be popping in and out this week, but you may not hear from me every day.

So...I've been so busy running around getting things done, (strangest thing... i had to do it all!! No help from hubby! hmmm... lol)that I've had no time to sit down and write..

I've got my Saturday favourite all ready for you, so make sure you stop back tomorrow to read it.
You'll all love it, and that I can promise..
This mommy writes about something that I know all of us can relate to!! I wish i could say that I can't relate to it, but then I'd just be lying!!

Grateful Sunday is going to have to wait... I'll tell you right now that I probably would write about being grateful for cottages, lakes and friends.

Anyway,, I've got my Tequila, my Vodka, my Merlot, my Caesars and my sunscreen.... if I forget anything else, I'll get over it!! lol (well, unless I forget the kids!)

Have an awesome weekend ladies! Be safe wherever you are!


Thursday, July 21, 2011


This is exactly what I would love to say to the Ontario Government right now!!

Someone within this wise government decided that it would be a great idea to install "SMART METERS"..

Personally, I think the government is just trying to piss Stay at Home Mommies off!!

For those of you that don't know, now we basically get charged different rates for Hydro, depending on what time we use it.
If I decide to do my laundry during the day now, I basically pay double what I would pay after 7pm..

So.... now while I'm home ALL day, i have to stare at my mountain of laundry.

When my kids FINALLY go to sleep, I can start my laundry!
Because ,that is exactly what I want to be doing in my only free time!!

Evenings are usually spent plopped down on the couch, reading blogs and watching Big Brother.
Not anymore!!
Now, I do laundry all night, and it sucks!!!! Especially when I could have been doing it all day.

Sure I could still do it during the day, but we already pay $250 a month for hydro. I can't imagine what our bill will skyrocket to if I don't switch up my routine.

You'd think the government would know that they really don't want to mess with mommies, but obviously they don't care.

I'm not happy, but what can I do? I'm not happy about a lot of things (gas prices, taxes, food prices) but I guess, like everyone else, I suck it up and move on.
I stay up until 1am every morning and finish my laundry!!! Grrr..

Silly post, I know, but as I sit and stare at my laundry that I refuse to do.... I had to vent!!
This is what has me so upset!!

The OEB website provides detailed information about time-of-use rates. Here's a snapshot of the current smart meter time-of-use rates for summer:
 Weekends & Holidays
 All Day
5.9 ¢/kWh 
 Summer Weekdays
 (May 1 to October 31)
 7 am to 11 am
8.9 ¢/kWh 
 11 am to 5 pm
10.7 ¢/kWh 
 5 pm to 7 pm
8.9 ¢/kWh 
 7 pm to 7 am
5.9 ¢/kWh 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Helicopter Dad

This week, I'm linking up with Shell at Things I Can't Say.

This is my very first time linking up with POUR YOUR HEART OUT..
I decided to join this week as I feel pretty strongly about this subject. Although I'm not pouring my heart out nearly as much as I would like to,or as much as some others, I think that I'll feel the waters out first!!
If this goes okay, next week, I'll REALLY pour my heart out! Deal??


Okay! So, I could go on and on and on about how I don't agree with parents who "hover" over their children.

I won't though!

It's way too touchy of a subject.

My feeling though, is that kids have to make mistakes. Kids have to fall. Kids have to experience bumps and bruises. This is how they learn, this is how they grow.

Like I said though, I won't get into it too much.

My hubby is the opposite.  He's like helicopter dad. He hovers. If he is around the kids, I swear he doesn't breathe. He's so on edge. If it were up to him, they would never climb, they would never play on a hard surface, they would never swim and well, they should probably just wear bubble wrap.

I can't help but laugh at him.

Sometimes I get mad though. I get defensive. He's so on edge when he's around, it sometimes makes me feel like he's saying that i don't watch them enough, that I'm not being cautious.

For Example:
Tonight, when I told him that we would be spending tomorrow afternoon around a pool, his response was
"Well be careful!"..  (very firmly)

My response? "What do you mean? Are you worried about Sun Stroke?"

"No, I mean, be careful with the girls around the water and in the pool!"

I wanted to say "Nah, I think I'll just throw them in the deep end without life jackets and go have a beer, see how well they make out!"


Instead, my response was "What a stupid thing to say to me!" lol... not much better?!!

Subject was dropped..

I have always tried to explain to him that there is no way we can always protect the girls. Accidents are going to happen. Falls are going to happen. Cuts and scrapes are going to happen. Blood is going to happen.

Obviously, we're going to do our best to keep them safe and avoid something serious, but my gosh, we have to let them live! It's how they learn! There are going to be times that we're not there, that we're not looking, or that we have to turn our heads for 5 seconds.

I think he may have finally "got it" this weekend.
I went to get my haircut on Saturday morning.
The second I got home, I could see the stress on his face. Lylah was screaming and he looked like he wasn't far from tears himself.

I'm so getting him this shirt for his Birthday!!
I ran in and asked what had happened?

She was stung by a bee. Her poor little finger was swollen, red and very sore.
After being stung, she came inside to get a cracker. While reaching for the box, the whole shelf fell off and everything tumbled to the floor. She wasn't hurt, but she was very frightened by it.

This is when I walked in.

All of the pointless worrying that daddy does,, and the two things that could have potentially been really bad,  he had no way of avoiding.
Because accidents happen!!
Those 2 things that happened were 2 things that he wasn't worrying about at all..

So there you have it! My point!! We can waste all of our time running behind our children, making sure they don't get hurt, making sure they are safe and that no harm ever comes to them, but we can never fully protect them.

When we're busy worrying about the chair they are climbing, a bee can come and sting them.
It happens!!!

Are you a Hovering type of parent, or a more relaxed "wait for it" type of Mom???!

Also take a look at this great article on "Bubble Wrapping our Kids"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Friendly!

This weekend was my first real night away.

Sure my hubby and I have done things and been away from the girls over night before, but I've never (since having kids) left my kids AND my hubby over night.

I had insane guilt over leaving. I prepared everything, took out everything he might need, made sure there was dinner in the fridge, an empty dishwasher....etc..
Even with all of that done, I had the most horrible rock in the pit of my stomach as I kissed them all and walked out the door.

Don't worry, it didn't last long! A two hour drive, tunes on, and laughing with my sister quickly cleared any apprehension that I had.

It felt awesome to be "FREE"!!

When we got to the hotel, I grabbed a drink, fell backwards on to the bed with my arms out and said "I HAVE NO KIDS OR HUBBY WITH ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" lol

A few drinks later, we went to have a quick dinner so that we could come back, have a few more drinks, and then hit the concert.
The little town of Sarnia was full of people. People of all ages, but mainly young 20 somethings..

As we returned from dinner, we walked past some 20 something "boys" in the lobby.
Once past them, I very quickly said to my sister "HE TOTALLY JUST CHECKED OUT MY BOOBS! YES!!! I STILL HAVE IT!!! CALL PETER AND TELL HIM"
I really wanted to high five my sister right then and there, but didn't think that would probably be appropriate.

What a great way to start the weekend! I've heard other women say it, but never really believed that when you get noticed, you'll love it!
I was giddy that some young punk took the time to notice my boobs..

Obviously he had no idea that they we pushed up by a fairly expensive yet effective push up bra because they've literally had the life sucked out of them by two children...... who were "cut" out of the scar that hid beneath my cute little sundress!!! HA!!! Suckers! They're too young to know that looks can be very deceiving!!

Regardless, the attention was nice. That was that.
We went back to the room, had some more drinks, got changed, and off we went.. (many humorous things happened in this time frame but I think they'll all have to be separate posts)

We got to the concert, bought some drinks ($6 a drink!! I am getting old because I think this is expensive!)
and made our way to the stage. We didn't get very close, but close enough to be excited!
We made small (drunk) talk with the people around us. We met mostly couples and other women.
Everyone was very friendly which always makes these things more fun.

Friendly is good and fun until friendly gets TOO friendly!!
As we sang and danced, people got shoved and moved around a lot. Standing shoulder to shoulder with 30,000 of your closest friends does that!

Anyway, at a certain point, I realized that two of the guys we had met had found their way over to my sister and I. Where their wives were, I have no clue. These men did not know each other.
We tried to be friendly, but I think my sister and I quickly realized something didn't seem right.

My sister kept giving me that look, you know the one where someone raises their eyebrows like "HELP!"
I was doing the same thing back to her, but neither of us were figuring out what the other was saying..
One of the married dudes was trying to get too close to her, and at one point even put his hands on her waist. She managed to get them off of her very quick. He then disappeared.
The other guy (who was very hairy and had no shirt Ewww) kept getting close and closer behind me, until his sweaty, hairy chest was pressed up against my back.

I honestly have never been so revolted in my life.

At that moment, the only thing that I wanted, was my hubby!

Obviously, i want to come home to this!!
My hubby and my kids that just hours before I was so excited to be away from.

Thankfully the set ended and we bolted out of there without having to cause a scene or trouble. We walked fast and didn't look back.

It's sad you know that we can't go to these things and be friendly with people without having to fear that they are going to think we're hitting on them, or that we're sending off vibes that we're interested.
We cannot figure out why these men would think that we were ever remotely interested in them. We were chatting with their wives, not even them.

Also, what is this world coming to that men think it's okay to walk 10 feet away from their wives and start putting their hands all over someone else's wife?

Having some young kid look at my boobs was fun,, because it was innocent!
The second that a line is crossed and another man touched me, I honestly could have vomited.

I learned a lot this weekend, but the most valuable thing I learned was just how much I love and respect my husband.
His hands are the only hands I want touching me. His chest is the only chest I ever want to feel pressed up against my back and his eyes are the only eyes,,,,, well,,, maybe I won't go that far!! lol

Hopefully you ladies all understand what I'm trying to get at.

Go out, get away, have fun, but my gosh, don't get sucked in by the little bit of extra attention! Notice it (love it and brag about it) but walk on. What's waiting at home is almost guaranteed to be better!!

I woke up the next morning 3 hours away from my hubby and kids and would have given anything to be able to tap my feet and be home..
3 hours after being home,,,, I would have given anything to tap my feet and be back in Sarnia!!

Just without hairy chest guy and the other creep!!


Monday, July 18, 2011


I was really hoping to get a post up today.

I guess that this is a post,, just not a typical one.

As you all know, when a Mommy goes away from the weekend, we pay for it when we get home.

I've been spending the day cleaning up from the tornado that seems to have swept through while I was gone.
I don't mind at all. The weekend that I had with my sister, totally makes up for it.

I will write more about it this week, but the laughs and fun we had were something that I will remember forever.
We laughed! Boy did we laugh.

I remember at one point thinking "I don't remember the last time I had this much fun."
It was just the "therapy" that I've been needing..
It's amazing what a good belly laugh with your sister can do for your mood.

I came home feeling refreshed and happy. I was happy to be home, but sad that the weekend ended so soon.

Today, my Uncle was here.
image credit
While he was here, he told me about something that I just have to share with you guys.
Some of you may have heard of this before. I never have.

Laughter Yoga!

He goes to Laughter Yoga and says that it is the greatest thing ever.

At first, he said that he thought the people were all crazy, and the concept was a little dumb (which you might to when you first look at it), he says though, that by the end of one session, you'll love it.

Everyone knows how great it feels to have a good laugh with someone, so imagine having a really good laugh with a bunch of people, on a regular basis?

I think I'm going to check it out!! It can't hurt right?? I might have to be drunk to do it, (which kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it??) but I would like to see what it's about.

Does anyone know anything about it, or have you been...
Check out this link for more info!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Music has always been my "ESCAPE"...

Whether it was a breakup, a fight with my best friend, a fight with my mom, falling in love with my husband, my wedding day,the death of my amazing aunt, finding out that one of my favourite people in this world has cancer, having my first child,,, whatever the situation, I have a song that reminds me of almost every big moment in my life. I sing my girls to sleep. I sing to them when they're sick, when they're sad, and when we do just about anything.

Music has gotten me through some pretty tough times in my life. It has also made so many good times even better.

Without music,  I don't know where I would be.

I pray that my girls love music as much as my husband and I do, and I hope that music will play as big of a part in their lives as it does in mine..

There are a few songs that I can think of that have had a Huge emotional impact on me, but really, there are very few that can literally bring me to the point of tears. None that can make me feel like my heart is being ripped out of me as I listen to it, and none that I could just put on repeat and never get sick of.

The first time I heard the song SOMEONE LIKE YOU by ADELE, I was driving home from the grocery store. Tears streamed down my face and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I really did feel as though my heart was being ripped out of me.
It was a crazy feeling. A feeling that no song has ever made me feel. A feeling that comes over me every single time that I hear the song.

These feelings weren't because of personal feelings. The song really doesn't have personal meaning to me. There is no one that I think of when I hear the song. The feelings were because Adele's voice in this song is (for lack of better words) HAUNTING.  My heart breaks for her in this song. My heart breaks for all of the people that this song does have personal meaning for.
This is, by far the most amazing song ever written in my opinion.. It is the most powerful song that I have ever heard. ( I know! I feel very strongly about this! LOL)

So, today, I am grateful for not only music, but for ADELE.

Check out the video below. Let me know what you think after.. If you can make it through this video without getting goosebumps, I will be shocked. (especialy when the crowd joins in)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Favourite!

As you read this, I'm probably either on my way, or already in Sarnia. Hopefully with a Margarita in hand listening to some of my favourite country music performers..

I'll be seeing... Rodney Atkins, Aaron Pritchett and Lady Antebellum. I'm so Freakin' excited!!

I'm almost as excited to share my favourite posts from this week.
I actually couldn't choose between two, so I'm going to leave the link to both.

The first is from Sadie over at The Tightrope Walk... I've featured her before, so I'm sure you'll recognize her site once you get over there.
Her post this week is about how little "getaways" are not necessarily "getaways" when you're a mommy.
I thought that I was the only one who  felt this way... A vacation to me is just life somewhere out of my comfort...
See what Sadie has to say about it by clicking HERE.

My second choice for Weekly Favourite is by a blogger that I have just found. I'm so happy to have found Laura over at Catharsis... My favourite post from her is about COMFY PANTS!!!
Oh how I love my comfy pants.. I never thought I would be a comfy pant mommy, but the second my hubby gets through the door and sees that I did make an effort to look nice for him,, I run upstairs and put my comfy pants on.. I'm still not one to go out with them on, but I'm sure it won't be long!
You MUST read Laura's post on Comfy pants if you want a giggle for the weekend. The post is hilarious.
In case you haven't been there yet, check out some of her other posts as well. She's great!!
How do you get there you ask?? Click HERE

Have a great weekend ladies! I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow or not. That all depends on how well the Margaritas go down tonight!

In the meantime, Check out what I'll be looking at tonight!!


Well, she'd be yummy to a guy, but her voice is out of this world!!

I'd consider cheating on my hubby for this!!  NO, not really,, but maybe in my dreams!!
Don't worry, my hubby is fully aware of this!! 


Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five!

I've never been so excited about a Friday before!!!

I'm off to spend the day shopping with my girls. We need groceries, birthday gifts, and the perfect outfit for Mommy to wear tomorrow night.

I'm off to a Country Music Concert (3 amazing performers) about 3 hours from home. Just my sister and I are going. We're packing up some Margaritas (okay, and some vodka), some clothes for Sunday, our tickets, and we're hitting the road. My hubby actually suggested we get a hotel room for the night. So... of course we did!

I will be posting about our road trip adventure one day next week, for sure!!

So, what did I learn this week? Quite a bit actually!!!

1. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN WATCHING YOUR "BABY" GROW INTO HER OWN PERSON~ For months, everything that Lylah does, is just mimicking her older sister. If Gracie dances, Lylah dances. If Gracie screams, Lylah screams. Finally this week, Lylah has started to become her own person. She dances when no one is watching. She sings in the middle of dinner. She splashes Gracie in the tub before Gracie gets a chance to splash her, and I LOVE it!!  She is turning into my little mischievous child, but that's okay!

2. THE FIGHTING WILL BEGIN~ With Lylah becoming her own person, there comes the issue of sibling rivalry! Because she is no longer a little puppet that Gracie can control,, the fighting has begun!! Funny, so have daily migraines! Coincidence?? I think not!!

3. PEDIATRIC STROKE~ I feel bad even admitting to this, but I seriously had no clue. Well, maybe I had a clue about pediatric stroke, but I had no clue that stroke can happen in Utero. So sad. I have come across an amazing mother and blog, and I encourage you to check it out for more information. The site is amazing, and also a real eye opener.I think this is a subject that we should all be educated on. You can find the site HERE

4. IF YOU STARVE THEM THEY *WILL* EAT! ~ After months of frustration over Gracie not eating anything but Hotdogs and Macaroni, I finally got mean wise. After refusing dinner, I refused to give her any food. She cried and cried that she was hungry at bedtime. I told her that the only option was the chicken and salad we had for dinner.. After many tears, she finally agreed to the chicken but not the salad.. I made her a plate with chicken, potatoes, and bread. She ate ALL OF IT!! She now LOVES chicken.. Imagine..
So.. no more giving in to peanut butter sandwiches after an uneaten dinner..

5. NO MATTER HOW BAD WE THINK WE HAVE IT, SOMEONE HAS IT WORSE ~ After watching that interview with Jaycee Dugard, my attitude has changed. How could I ever complain about my life when there are people being held, abused, brainwashed and raped??
Life is good, sometimes we need a reminder! I thank Jaycee Dugard for my reminder..
I'm kinda ticked with her though. Her book is sold out everywhere, and I'd REALLY like to read it!!
Oh well, I guess waiting 6-8 weeks for a book is still nothing compared to her 18 years of hell!!

Have an amazing weekend ladies! I know that I will!!!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mean Kids....

**Sorry, this is a long one!**

I've debated blogging about this for a while now...

I guess the fear of  someone knowing that I am talking about them, or someone disagreeing with what I am saying has been what holds me back..

I realized last night, after a family trip to the park, that I no longer care..

Judge away people, judge away!!

We decided after dinner last night to take the girls to the park. The girls played for a little while and then Gracie spotted a little girl and her brother playing.

Let me tell you that Gracie is a very social person. She loves people and she loves kids. She wants to be friends with everyone. (We've had one incident that she didn't like a little girl, and I have no idea why, but we dealt with it)

Anyway... Gracie walked over to where the little boy and girl were playing in the sand, and plopped down next to them. She didn't say a word, just smiled and started to play on her own. She kept looking at the little girl, probably hoping that they would talk to her. The little girl, looked at her, and swung around, turning her back to her while continuing to play.

I didn't see it, but my husband did. When he told me about it, my heart broke a little.

image credit
My heart continued to break as I watched Gracie follow the two kids around the playground. Where they went, she went. They both continued to keep their back to her.
The little boy was probably too young to know better, but the little girl was just a little brat..

I glanced over at the Mother, who was sitting on a park bench watching. She didn't care. Unbelievable.
Maybe she didn't know what to say, maybe she didn't want to embarrass her child, or maybe her child was just like her.

She was one of "those" moms! When we arrived at the park, I looked at her and smiled. (as I always do. I don't want to make friends at the park.. we all know that I'm not a park mom fan. However, I am a nice person. I smile, maybe make small talk,, whatever) When I smiled at her, she looked away. Whatever!
I don't care how you treat me, but I care how my child is treated.

Obviously this little girl behaves like her mother..

This probably doesn't seem like a huge deal right? It's not really, but I am so tired of seeing my little girl treated this way.
I used to pick her up at school. She would say goodbye to everyone when she left. She made a point of trying to say goodbye to everyone. There was one little girl that scowled and turned her head every time Gracie said goodbye.
Again,, my heart would break.
It didn't matter to Gracie that the little girl turned her head. Every day, she continued to say goodbye to her.
How hard would it be for this little girl to say goodbye to my baby? Why is this little girl so rude, and how did she get that way?

I asked Gracie one day why she continues to try with kids who ignore her... her response "That's okay mommy, I should still be friends."... I so badly want to say "NO!! NO, don't try to be friends with them. They are rude, and they're making you look silly." Instead, I smile and tell her that she is amazing.

I've started to worry lately. What if this happens at school? What if no one is ever nice to her?
Is it Gracie? What about her don't these children like? Is she going to be the kid that is bullied, and that is constantly trying to get people to like her and play with her??

She doesn't look different! She doesn't smell! She's clean! She wears nice clothes! Besides,, none of that should matter!

Seriously, I'm losing sleep over this.

As a parent, I try to teach my kids that everyone needs friends. We don't have to like everyone, but we have to be nice. We don't want to hurt feelings, we don't want to make others sad.

I wish that all parents could be on the same page with this.

If I saw Gracie being rude to another child or ignoring someone that was trying to play with her. You can be assured, that no matter where we were, I'd be giving her an attitude adjustment...

I'm a firm believer that these kids (the ones ignoring my baby and breaking my heart) will be the bullies in school. Why not stop them at a young age??
I will forever blame the parents of these children for not doing something about the way their children behave.

My heart breaks for my little girl, but at the same time, I am so proud of her.
She is such a friendly, happy little girl that wants to be friends with everyone. (except that one little girl which I still feel bad about) She doesn't care what people look like, what colour their skin or hair is, how old they are, she just wants friends..

I hope she never changes...

So mommies!! Please watch your children... please make sure they're the nice kid on the playground...
The mommies of the other nice kids will love you for it!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Thank God it's Wednesday! I can get away with "Wordless Wednesday" again..

I woke up with a killer headache, so this is the most you'll be getting from me again today..

I love the heat, but damn, these headaches are a killer!

This is Gracie modelling her new bathing suit... I caught her right in the middle of saying............


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Honest..

The girls got up much earlier than I was prepared for today..

We've all been sleeping in lately, and today, they were up before 7am. I know that's not early to many of you, but my girls have been sleeping until 9am lately.
Because they've been sleeping in, so have I. I then end up staying up way too late at night..

So,,, 6:45am came way too early this morning..

I laid in bed and let the girls watch TV and play around me.. I was almost back to sleep when I heard some giggling as Gracie climbed on top of me..

I was laying on my side, kind of bent in half.  Just like in this picture......

I tried to ignore the giggling,,, but it continued.

Finally I said "What's so funny?"

WAIT FOR IT..........


And that my friends is how I started this lovely summer day.
My 3 year old told me I have a big butt... and thought it was hilarious..

Although I giggled, I couldn't help but wonder WTF?

 Maybe I should go for a walk today!!

I might have to, to keep these little "angels" quiet. It's 8:30am and I'm already losing my mind!!
My "butt" and I hope your day started better than mine did!


Monday, July 11, 2011


Hope is was kept 11 year old Jaycee Dugard not only alive but sane. At 11 year old, she was kidnapped, held, and raped for 18 years of her life.

There are no words to describe the feeling in my chest as I sat last night, glued to my television. I watched and listened in horror as Jaycee herself explained 18 horrifying years of her life.
When she was first taken, she knew nothing about sex. She stated that in her young mind, sex was Ken and Barbie laying beside each other.
Unfortunately, within months, she had a much more terrifying view of what it was.

Raped at 11. Rape that continued. 2 babies born from rape.

From that point on, protecting her children and keeping them safe is what kept her going.

I could talk for hours on this situation, but I think that there are 2 main points that have been etched in my brain after watching last nights interview.

The first one is what Jaycee's mother said at the end of the interview...
She gave her girls a kiss ever morning before she left. The morning that Jaycee was kidnapped, she was in a rush. Being "selfish" because she didn't want to be late, she rushed out the door without kisses from her girls.

Jaycee was upset about not getting her kiss from her mom.
Her mom? She "knew" that she could get them later..
That same morning, Jaycee was kidnapped. It would be 18 years before she could get that kiss from her daughter.
How sad!
Her message? To take the time, to be sure to give your children that kiss, that attention..
It may not mean much to you, but it does to them.

I always make sure to give my girls a kiss before leaving them, and before going to bad at night. After last nights interview, I will NEVER miss one again..
The thought of anything ever happening to one of my babies, and them having to think that I forgot to give them a kiss when I saw them last,, breaks my heart..

The second major thing that stuck in my head after last night is Hope.
Hope is such a powerful thing. Hope kept both Jaycee and her mother fighting.
Not once did Jaycee's mother give up hope that she would get her daughter back. After 18 years, she still held on to hope that her daughter was alive and that she was coming home.

That my friends, is amazing!

This case gives hope to all of the families out there with missing children. Missing family members.

It gives hope to ME!

A friend of mine disappeared on November 11, 2008. She was in Hong Kong when she disappeared.
She sent a text to family members the day before, and that was the last anyone heard from her. There is nothing. No trace of her.
Video footage of her withdrawing money from an ATM, and a few strangers accounts of "possibly" seeing her, is all that her family has.

After last night though, there is HOPE.

I've often thought about the "What if she is alive out there somewhere?" "She'll never be the same even if she does make it home"....
Once again, after last night, there is HOPE..

I know that I have gained readers from all over the world, and I am begging all of you, to check out the few links that I have posted below. Take a good look at all of the pictures of our friend Ani.
Pass them along if you could.
If anyone knows anything, anything at all, even if seems small,, please contact the numbers on these sites.

So many people looked past big and small clues with Jaycee Dugard. Finally it took 2 women who just didn't think things seemed "right", to dig a little deeper. Their "gut" saved Jaycee and her two girls.

Hope helps me believe that this is possible with Ani.
She could still be out there. She too could be praying that just one person will notice her, or that something isn't right.
One person could lead her back to her family who has been searching almost 3 years for her..

Again, please watch the video below and then check out some or all of the links below it..
When you're done that,, go kiss your children!!/FindAniAshekian

Hope is the dream of a soul awake.


Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hey Ladies,,,

I'm not missing in action, I've just had way too great of a weekend to spend it on my computer...

Right now, I have just started watching the ABC interview with jaycee dugard...
The young girl who was kidnapped and held captive for 18 terrifying years... I will be back tomorrow to discuss this interview.
In the meantime,, if you're not watching it, please go turn it on.
It's only been on for 15 minutes. Already, my heart is so heavy, and my chest is filled with a heavy, heavy rock of anxiety..
The terror it has stirred inside me is not explainable..

If you can't handle watching the interview, take a look at my weekend favorite post...
It is an article that also fills me with anxiety.
So why am I posting it?? As a reminder to all of you mommies!!! You'll understand why, when you read it.

Don't forget to say hello to Sarah while you're there.

We'll talk tomorrow about this horror that I'm watching..

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five!

It's Friday already!!!
I'm sure I'll be cursing the weekend by Monday, but I'm excited about it for now.

It's been a good week.. It seemed to have really gone by fast..
It was my first week not having to drive Gracie to nursery school 2x a week, and I kind of missed it..

Anyway... back to my 5 lessons learned..

I hate the guy, but love the ShamWow!!
1. WINDEX + SMAM WOW = AMAZING!! ~ I've lived in this house for almost 3 years. I have a huge front entrance that is all glass. I've NEVER been able to get it streak free. I've tried everything. The other night, I was out of paper towels, so I used one of my Sham Wows...... Let me tell you, there was no streak to be found. Even with the evening sun shining in, the glass looked clean!! I will never use paper towels on glass again!

2.PAYING IT FORWARD IS AWESOME! ~ I read a great article (read here) about random acts of kindness.. It got me thinking.. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the Tim Horton's Drive thru lineup. I decided to buy the man behind me a coffee. It felt good. It felt really good. The girl taking my money was so excited that I was being so nice, and I have no doubt that she did the same thing for someone later in the day..
I drove away, with no "physical" thanks for the coffee I had bought, but it put a smile on my face knowing that I just made the (grumpy looking) man's day! Who wouldn't love a free coffee!
So... you guys should try it.. Pay it forward. It feels great. If you don't like the coffee idea, read the article for many other ideas..

3.KIDS ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES.~ For the last little while, I've been making Gracie (who is 3) clean up after herself. Whether it be her toys, her clothes, or her dishes after dinner. Sometimes I feel like I'm being hard on her, but she actually really loves doing it.. This week, I was shocked to see Lylah (who is 1!) finish her yogurt, walk over, throw the yogurt container in the garbage, he spoon in the sink, and walk on to play. She didn't think twice about it. She wasn't doing it for attention, she just knew that is what she should do. She learned from her sister.. I was so proud! So.. now that I know she can do it, I make them both cleanup their food and dishes after each meal. Gracie even wipes the table!!

4. BIRTHDAY HATS CREATE HOURS OF FUN ~ I found a stack of old birthday hats in the closet the other day and pulled them out. When the girls got up from their nap, they were THRILLED to see the hats there.. The spent hours playing with those silly hats.. They were very creative with them, I must say..
They've played with them every day now.. I think I'll put them away on the weekend and pull them out again in a month.. It really is the simple things they love!!

5. HUMANS (AS A WHOLE) SEEM TO BE GETTING RUDER.... Seriously!! It seems no matter where I go, my girls and I are having to stop and wait for a car to pass in a parking lot. What happened to cars stopping and letting pedestrians go first.. Especially those with children.. The same goes for opening doors, walking through doorways, getting through small spaces.. It's crazy...
Just once, I'd like to say "Don't mind us. We have no problem waiting for you!"...
Why is everyone in such a rush these days? Is it so important that they lose their decency trying to get there..??

Have a great weekend everyone!! I'll be back with my Saturday Favourite and Grateful For Sunday.....HOPEFULLY!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Caylee!!!

I found this post over at terrislittlehaven... (please check out her site, it's amazing!)
I HAD to share it! I can't stop thinking about this situation since watching the verdict the other day. Something MUST be done to prevent situations like this from happening again... 
This makes me feel like I'm doing something to help little Caylee... the poor little thing, if only she had a chance at life..
The petition link is also embedded to the right of this post... Please sign it,, it's the least we can do!!

Dear Mommy...I see you smile down there below...are those tears of joy
you show? I'm glad you're happy, although you lied...I'd love to be
right by your side...but by your choice, I view from above...tell my
Grandparents I send my's Beautiful here, is all I can
say...your life will go on... without me in your way. Love Caylee

Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – c. June 16, 2008)

I'm enclosing a petition to Create Caylee's Law. I signed it and I am
encouraging you to sign it too please. Caylee's Law would make it a
felony to fail to report a child that has gone missing.

*image credit

If you don't take the time to do anything else today, please take the
time to sign Caylee's Law. You don't have to leave this site to sign
it, it only takes a second. Please do it for all of the future

Script to add a small widget to your sidebar:

Script to add a large widget to a post:

If you need a different width or color please let me know and
I will adjust the script for you. If your email allows scripts, please
add the widgets everywhere you can to help get this law passed.

As sad as the majority of us are by this ruling, I keep reminding
myself that Casey Anthony didn't get away with murder in God's eyes.
She will one day stand before God and account for the loss of this
precious life that God entrusted her with.

So attractive!

sweat like a pig  (informal)
to sweat (= have liquid coming out of your skin) a lot I was so nervous, I was sweating like a pig.

Okay!! So, I sat down to write this someone serious post about all of the craziness going on in our world.. when I stopped and realized that I needed to get something else off of my chest.


Seriously!!! Has anyone else been sweating like a friggen  pig on a spit these days??
I can't take it!

I love the heat, I love the sun. I love summer!!
My gosh though, since having kids, it is not right how much this body of mine sweats!

My face sweats, my head sweats! I sweat under my arms, I sweat under my boobs, between my boobs.... my crotch even sweats!!
Like, is that really necessary??

I can't go anywhere or do anything without worrying that I'm going to be stained with sweat marks, that I'll stain something I sit on,, or that I will just clear a room with my stink..

WHY??!! What have I done to deserve this?? Is it Karma?

Before children, I wore deodorant only because it smelled nice. I didn't need it. Even if I did break a sweat (which was next to never), I didn't stink..

Now, 32 years old and 2 kids later, with no word of a lie.. the second a bead of sweat breaks, I STINK!!

How sexy is that?

It's gotten so bad that I have to shower 30 minutes before my husband even gets home. I'm sure he'd think it was really "HOT" to walk in and see all of my sweat stains staring back at him.
 By chance he gives me "the eye" later in the evening,, it's back to the shower I go..

My bras??! My poor bras! They need to be washed after every single wear, although I could probably throw them in the washer by noon every day.

I'm not exaggerating here, and I'm not being a drama queen!

I sweat, and I stink!!!

Do you think something is wrong with me?( BE NICE!)
 Why is this happening??
Is there anything I can do to stop it, aside from moving to Newfoundland?

Do any of you other mommies suffer like me?

I say bring on the hot flashes and menopause. At this point, what difference does it make?!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I don't usually take part in Wordless Wednesday.. I have way too much to say.

This week however, just for fun, I thought I would take part.
Don't worry it won't be a regular thing, but every now and then you'll probably find me posting a picture here and there instead of a post.
I know that "Wordless Wednesday" is suppose to be WORDLESS,, but I like to break the rules..

Maybe Wednesday will just be PHOTO

Anyway,, I chose this photo because it's my new favorite.
Lylah looks like I WANT to feel this week!!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011



You are all pretty aware that I had a yucky day yesterday...

I think I'm PMSing. (which may or may not be known for making me a little crazy) I'm not really sure (about the PMSing) though because I don't actually "Get" my period since having the IUD placed..
I know!! It's great! And for more reasons than the obvious...
Now, because we don't know when I'm "in" that week of PMSing, I always have an excuse for being a psycho!!

Anyway.. I had a crappy day. I had lots to do, and I think thought, that I got lots done.
Sure, I probably could have gotten more done, but ... I didn't.

What did I get done?

I got the dishes all done, the house vacuumed, the floors mopped. The windows and all glass was Windexed. The main floor washroom was cleaned, 3 loads of laundry were folded, the backyard was tidied up, the flowers and grass in the back was watered, my kids were fed, twice. My kids were played with.My kids were dressed.Toys were picked up about 50 times. I wrote a blog post, read some blogs, and spent half an hour sitting in the sun..

I felt pretty good about my day.
I had planned on sitting out in the sun for 30 minutes while the girls napped. Then, I was going to come in, shower, water the front flowers, and fold some more laundry.

On my way in, I got a message stating that we were going to have company in 20 minutes..
So, I tidied up the laundry that was out, and woke up the girls..

The company came and we had a nice visit. Peter got home while they were still there. (which was fine because it was his family)

About 5 minutes after walking through the door, he said "did you water the flowers out front today?" No "Hi, how was your day?", no kiss! Just this question. It was a more of a statement than a question, and I immediately got my back up..

In my head, I was thinking "Obviously when you walked in, you saw that I didn't get to watering those flowers, so why bother asking!"...
When I said "no", I didn't get much of a response.. When I tried to explain why I didn't get to it, I still didn't get much of a response... then I got mad...

I understand that we had a busy weekend. I understand that he worked all day and was extremely tired, but I also understand that I was tired, and worked all day as well...
No one said that he HAD to water the flowers, but even if he did... it would have been the only thing he had to do.
He didn't have to make the girls dinner, he didn't have to bathe them, he didn't have to get them ready for bed, and he didn't have to tuck them in and read them bedtime stories...he didn't have to finish the laundry.
I gladly would have watered the flowers if he wanted to do all that...

I know that I'm probably being a little crazy,, but why does something that I didn't get to, have to be pointed out before all of the things that I did do??

And why am I so mad? Why am I so defensive?

Obviously it's because I'm feeling guilty, because I know that I probably did have the time to water those stinking flowers but chose to sit outside instead..

So what did I do?? I stopped talking to him, slammed a couple of doors, stomped around mad, got the watering can, and watered the flowers.. It took me all of 5 minutes..

So, now as I sit here typing this, I question whether I am mad at him, for asking a dumb question, and pointing out something that I didn't do rather than all that I did do, or am I mad at myself for not taking time to do the few little things that I could have.. Am I defensive because I know I should have done it??  I most certainly am.. My poor hubby!!

Do you ladies ever do this? I totally caused an argument because of my own guilt..
Was I wrong to do that, or is it just something that women do??

Even if I was wrong, it shouldn't have been a big deal that the flowers weren't watered!!!

I don't think I'm going to say "I'm Sorry", but I'll let it go..  for now!


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