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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five!

It's Friday already!!!
I'm sure I'll be cursing the weekend by Monday, but I'm excited about it for now.

It's been a good week.. It seemed to have really gone by fast..
It was my first week not having to drive Gracie to nursery school 2x a week, and I kind of missed it..

Anyway... back to my 5 lessons learned..

I hate the guy, but love the ShamWow!!
1. WINDEX + SMAM WOW = AMAZING!! ~ I've lived in this house for almost 3 years. I have a huge front entrance that is all glass. I've NEVER been able to get it streak free. I've tried everything. The other night, I was out of paper towels, so I used one of my Sham Wows...... Let me tell you, there was no streak to be found. Even with the evening sun shining in, the glass looked clean!! I will never use paper towels on glass again!

2.PAYING IT FORWARD IS AWESOME! ~ I read a great article (read here) about random acts of kindness.. It got me thinking.. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the Tim Horton's Drive thru lineup. I decided to buy the man behind me a coffee. It felt good. It felt really good. The girl taking my money was so excited that I was being so nice, and I have no doubt that she did the same thing for someone later in the day..
I drove away, with no "physical" thanks for the coffee I had bought, but it put a smile on my face knowing that I just made the (grumpy looking) man's day! Who wouldn't love a free coffee!
So... you guys should try it.. Pay it forward. It feels great. If you don't like the coffee idea, read the article for many other ideas..

3.KIDS ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES.~ For the last little while, I've been making Gracie (who is 3) clean up after herself. Whether it be her toys, her clothes, or her dishes after dinner. Sometimes I feel like I'm being hard on her, but she actually really loves doing it.. This week, I was shocked to see Lylah (who is 1!) finish her yogurt, walk over, throw the yogurt container in the garbage, he spoon in the sink, and walk on to play. She didn't think twice about it. She wasn't doing it for attention, she just knew that is what she should do. She learned from her sister.. I was so proud! So.. now that I know she can do it, I make them both cleanup their food and dishes after each meal. Gracie even wipes the table!!

4. BIRTHDAY HATS CREATE HOURS OF FUN ~ I found a stack of old birthday hats in the closet the other day and pulled them out. When the girls got up from their nap, they were THRILLED to see the hats there.. The spent hours playing with those silly hats.. They were very creative with them, I must say..
They've played with them every day now.. I think I'll put them away on the weekend and pull them out again in a month.. It really is the simple things they love!!

5. HUMANS (AS A WHOLE) SEEM TO BE GETTING RUDER.... Seriously!! It seems no matter where I go, my girls and I are having to stop and wait for a car to pass in a parking lot. What happened to cars stopping and letting pedestrians go first.. Especially those with children.. The same goes for opening doors, walking through doorways, getting through small spaces.. It's crazy...
Just once, I'd like to say "Don't mind us. We have no problem waiting for you!"...
Why is everyone in such a rush these days? Is it so important that they lose their decency trying to get there..??

Have a great weekend everyone!! I'll be back with my Saturday Favourite and Grateful For Sunday.....HOPEFULLY!



The Suburban Princess said...

I gotta get me a ShamWow!

iMentalMommy said...

I LOVE paying it forward! There is NOTHING like the feeling that you get, AND it's contagious.
I also make my children clean up after themselves. However, I'm afraid that my 4 y/o may have a little bit of OCD when he cleans, because everything has to be PERFECTLY in order! I hope that I'm not opening a can of worms with that one! hahaha

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

I love your 5 Sarah Darling! A good reminder of old and no streaks? Really? Cups Up! xoxo

Mrs.Moose said...

If you love the shamwow than you should try the norwex window need for windex anymore!! Chemical free and no streaks!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

T.S.P~ Get the ShamWow!! You won't regret it!!
I Mental~ I still can't believe how great it made me feel.. and hey, better to have an OCD clean freak kid that a slob!! lol
Caffeine OC~ lol,, a great reminder..
Mrs. Moose~ I may just have to have one of those parties!!! I'll be in contact!!

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