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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five!

I've never been so excited about a Friday before!!!

I'm off to spend the day shopping with my girls. We need groceries, birthday gifts, and the perfect outfit for Mommy to wear tomorrow night.

I'm off to a Country Music Concert (3 amazing performers) about 3 hours from home. Just my sister and I are going. We're packing up some Margaritas (okay, and some vodka), some clothes for Sunday, our tickets, and we're hitting the road. My hubby actually suggested we get a hotel room for the night. So... of course we did!

I will be posting about our road trip adventure one day next week, for sure!!

So, what did I learn this week? Quite a bit actually!!!

1. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN WATCHING YOUR "BABY" GROW INTO HER OWN PERSON~ For months, everything that Lylah does, is just mimicking her older sister. If Gracie dances, Lylah dances. If Gracie screams, Lylah screams. Finally this week, Lylah has started to become her own person. She dances when no one is watching. She sings in the middle of dinner. She splashes Gracie in the tub before Gracie gets a chance to splash her, and I LOVE it!!  She is turning into my little mischievous child, but that's okay!

2. THE FIGHTING WILL BEGIN~ With Lylah becoming her own person, there comes the issue of sibling rivalry! Because she is no longer a little puppet that Gracie can control,, the fighting has begun!! Funny, so have daily migraines! Coincidence?? I think not!!

3. PEDIATRIC STROKE~ I feel bad even admitting to this, but I seriously had no clue. Well, maybe I had a clue about pediatric stroke, but I had no clue that stroke can happen in Utero. So sad. I have come across an amazing mother and blog, and I encourage you to check it out for more information. The site is amazing, and also a real eye opener.I think this is a subject that we should all be educated on. You can find the site HERE

4. IF YOU STARVE THEM THEY *WILL* EAT! ~ After months of frustration over Gracie not eating anything but Hotdogs and Macaroni, I finally got mean wise. After refusing dinner, I refused to give her any food. She cried and cried that she was hungry at bedtime. I told her that the only option was the chicken and salad we had for dinner.. After many tears, she finally agreed to the chicken but not the salad.. I made her a plate with chicken, potatoes, and bread. She ate ALL OF IT!! She now LOVES chicken.. Imagine..
So.. no more giving in to peanut butter sandwiches after an uneaten dinner..

5. NO MATTER HOW BAD WE THINK WE HAVE IT, SOMEONE HAS IT WORSE ~ After watching that interview with Jaycee Dugard, my attitude has changed. How could I ever complain about my life when there are people being held, abused, brainwashed and raped??
Life is good, sometimes we need a reminder! I thank Jaycee Dugard for my reminder..
I'm kinda ticked with her though. Her book is sold out everywhere, and I'd REALLY like to read it!!
Oh well, I guess waiting 6-8 weeks for a book is still nothing compared to her 18 years of hell!!

Have an amazing weekend ladies! I know that I will!!!!



Kathy said...

How fun to have a girls weekend!!! I hope you and your sister have a great weekend!!!! I like your Friday Five. I too am a fan of Laura's blog Families Coping with Infant Stroke, and think it is great that you are giving it a shout-out. I have not ready Jaycee Dugard's remarkable story yet, but do plan on it. She is an amazing soul and you are right, it really makes you appreicate your own life and what seems so simple, freedom. I also never got a chance to thank you for putting me on your blog roll! Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful adventure with your sister, I look foward to reading about it when you get back!

Small Kucing said...

Sarah, Have a wonderful weekend!


NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thank you so much ladies! I need to get off this site and into bed so that I'm not too tired tomorrow!! lol
I plan on having an awesome weekend, and I hope you ladies do as well!
Kathy,, you're more than welcome! I love your site, and want to share it as much as I can!

lilac_the_bunny said...

Oh, I want to read that book too!

Hi! New follower from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

NinaLaZina said...

You now newest follower!! Glad to have found you. We must love life for all we have - no looking back and lamenting! Will be back. Nina

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