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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday Five...on Saturday

Another week,, come and gone. Is it just me or does it already feel like the summer is flying by?

As you know, I've had a super busy, but great week..
Our best friends were here from out of town and Gracie graduated from Nursery School. The week seems like a blur now, but I'll do my best to dig up some life lessons as I reminisce.

Here we go...

1. Perception really is Reality ~ or at least in a Mommy's world.. 'nough said! (I'm open to arguments on this if you like!)

2. Kids don't forget or forgive ~ therefore we have to watch what we promise our children.. or even tell them. I learned this week that unless I am 150% sure of what I am about to promise/suggest to my children, I should keep my mouth shut. It's just not fair to promise them something, and get them all excited if we can't follow through with it.. Their little minds just can't make sense of it..

3.Nursery School teachers should follow a child until at least Grade 5~ who knew it would be so heartbreaking to say goodbye to such an amazing teacher? She cried, I cried...
Gracie's teacher took her at 3 and molded her into this little mini Einstein. She helped her learn and grow. She helped her with her social anxiety, and now we have to say Goodbye.. it just doesn't seem fair..

4. Karma really does exist~ (not that I ever doubted it.) When I was at the hospital a couple of weeks ago, there was a little girl who stuck a bead up her nose.. I remember thinking "what kid does that?".... HA!!! Fast Forward 2 weeks and my daughter sticks a bead in her ear, and I'm the embarrassed mommy explaining to people why i'm at the emergency room with a child who seems perfectly healthy.. Again,, I got the message, loud and clear... stop judging!!
REALLY?!!  Good for those of you that do!!

5. There are actually parents that floss their 3 year old's teeth! ~ which by the way is great. I'm not gonna lie though, I am lucky to get the little angels to sit long enough to brush the teeth let alone floss them... yikes! I guess I'm off my game.. Even still,, I'm not running out to get kid floss.. Is there kid floss, or do you just use adult floss??? hmmmm

There you have it! What a great week for learning.. lol..
See you tomorrow for "I'm Grateful"..


Brainless Housewife said...

I know what you mean about the pre-school teacher. It is going to be such an adjustment for him and for me! LOL!


The Brainless Housewife :P

The Suburban Princess said...

Flossing their teeth! More power to them! I'm lucky if my 4 year-old reminds me that he needs to brush his teeth because "you forgot yesterday, Mommy."


Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Happy 4th my Dear Sarah! Get the colorful floss picks for kids so you can feel good that they're trying to floss even when Mommy forgets... lol Cups Up! xoxo

Mrs.Moose said...

In response to #3...wait until JK and then SK. You will cry at both of those graduations and love their teachers very much too....
#4 LMFAO....sorry that's funny! Why do they think to do that???
#5 HAHAHA....i'm lucky if I floss my own teeth once a year, and that my kids get their teeth brushed once a day is a miracle! Good job to you mama's that can do do deserve the mother of the year award!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

@Brainless Housewife~ I can't even begin to imagine what this September will bring. I'm sure it will be more of an adjustment for me than Gracie!

@Suburban Princess~ Thank God I'm not alone on that!

@C.O.C~ they really have colourful floss? I still can't imagine my girls wanting to do it!

@Mrs. Moose... It's not funny!!! I now have to search my house and throw out any loose beads! Before one ends up in a nose..
and I'm happy to hear that you're not a flossing mommy!! I don't ever remember my parents flossing my teeth,, and I still have them all,,,, yippeee!!

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