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Sunday, July 3, 2011


After such an amazing week, I realize that I have so much to be grateful for.

I promised however that I would settle with just one thing every week.

So... when thinking about what I am Most Grateful this year, I immediately think of my rear view mirror.
On about 3 occasions this week, I remember thinking to myself how much I love this silly little gadget..

I am grateful that my rear view mirror allows me to capture so many moments that I would typically miss out on.
So many times I catch myself glancing in the mirror at the girls. I always find them doing so many neat things.
They of course have no idea that I am watching them, so they are so innocent in what they're doing.
That is what I love about these moments.

The moments that I catch them holding hands silently as we drive. Their little arms can barely reach each other, yet they find away to reach. They then just sit, staring out their window, holding hands.
There are moments that I catch them singing, dancing, giggling, picking buttons off of their clothes, or even just sleeping so peacefully.

I don't know what it is, but there is something so special about watching them through the rear view mirror.. Rear view mirror moments are some of my very favourite moments. No matter what my mood, when I glance in that mirror and see their little faces, I smile.
Again, I think it is because they have no idea that they are being watched. It's a chance to catch innocence at it's finest.

So, it may sound simple or even silly to some of you, but that's what it's about, right? The simple things.
The look of amazement as they spot a cow out the window, or stare at the clouds as they pass by. I love it.
I love my rear view mirror.

As I thought about this today, I was reminded of a song that my friend told me about a while back. It's called Ridin' In The Backseat by the Stellas.. I'm going to post it below because it sort of sums up what I'm trying to say here. I think that all of you with children will love it!! Enjoy...



Shell said...

That's so sweet!

I usually catch my boys hitting each other or flicking boogers at each other.

Spanish Pinay said...

Those kids moments when no one is watching are are really special :)

I laughed my heart out with Shell's comment :) Your boys are hilarious!

Spanish Pinay

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Oh Shell! You're hilarious! I'm sure there will be days that my girls decide to do these things as well..
S.P~ They really are the best moments!!

Mrs.Moose said...

One of my most favorite objects aswell! Love that song!!!

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