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Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey Ladies!

Another day into the heat wave, and another day that I don't have a REALLY great post for you!


We are leaving this morning for a weekend away! Friends of ours have invited us to their cottage, and I can't wait!
My hubby has the whole week off next week so it is a great start to our holidays!

I'll be popping in and out this week, but you may not hear from me every day.

So...I've been so busy running around getting things done, (strangest thing... i had to do it all!! No help from hubby! hmmm... lol)that I've had no time to sit down and write..

I've got my Saturday favourite all ready for you, so make sure you stop back tomorrow to read it.
You'll all love it, and that I can promise..
This mommy writes about something that I know all of us can relate to!! I wish i could say that I can't relate to it, but then I'd just be lying!!

Grateful Sunday is going to have to wait... I'll tell you right now that I probably would write about being grateful for cottages, lakes and friends.

Anyway,, I've got my Tequila, my Vodka, my Merlot, my Caesars and my sunscreen.... if I forget anything else, I'll get over it!! lol (well, unless I forget the kids!)

Have an awesome weekend ladies! Be safe wherever you are!



Small Kucing said...

will drop by tomorrow. And a great weekend to you too :)


Shell said...

Hope you had a great time away!

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