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Monday, July 11, 2011


Hope is was kept 11 year old Jaycee Dugard not only alive but sane. At 11 year old, she was kidnapped, held, and raped for 18 years of her life.

There are no words to describe the feeling in my chest as I sat last night, glued to my television. I watched and listened in horror as Jaycee herself explained 18 horrifying years of her life.
When she was first taken, she knew nothing about sex. She stated that in her young mind, sex was Ken and Barbie laying beside each other.
Unfortunately, within months, she had a much more terrifying view of what it was.

Raped at 11. Rape that continued. 2 babies born from rape.

From that point on, protecting her children and keeping them safe is what kept her going.

I could talk for hours on this situation, but I think that there are 2 main points that have been etched in my brain after watching last nights interview.

The first one is what Jaycee's mother said at the end of the interview...
She gave her girls a kiss ever morning before she left. The morning that Jaycee was kidnapped, she was in a rush. Being "selfish" because she didn't want to be late, she rushed out the door without kisses from her girls.

Jaycee was upset about not getting her kiss from her mom.
Her mom? She "knew" that she could get them later..
That same morning, Jaycee was kidnapped. It would be 18 years before she could get that kiss from her daughter.
How sad!
Her message? To take the time, to be sure to give your children that kiss, that attention..
It may not mean much to you, but it does to them.

I always make sure to give my girls a kiss before leaving them, and before going to bad at night. After last nights interview, I will NEVER miss one again..
The thought of anything ever happening to one of my babies, and them having to think that I forgot to give them a kiss when I saw them last,, breaks my heart..

The second major thing that stuck in my head after last night is Hope.
Hope is such a powerful thing. Hope kept both Jaycee and her mother fighting.
Not once did Jaycee's mother give up hope that she would get her daughter back. After 18 years, she still held on to hope that her daughter was alive and that she was coming home.

That my friends, is amazing!

This case gives hope to all of the families out there with missing children. Missing family members.

It gives hope to ME!

A friend of mine disappeared on November 11, 2008. She was in Hong Kong when she disappeared.
She sent a text to family members the day before, and that was the last anyone heard from her. There is nothing. No trace of her.
Video footage of her withdrawing money from an ATM, and a few strangers accounts of "possibly" seeing her, is all that her family has.

After last night though, there is HOPE.

I've often thought about the "What if she is alive out there somewhere?" "She'll never be the same even if she does make it home"....
Once again, after last night, there is HOPE..

I know that I have gained readers from all over the world, and I am begging all of you, to check out the few links that I have posted below. Take a good look at all of the pictures of our friend Ani.
Pass them along if you could.
If anyone knows anything, anything at all, even if seems small,, please contact the numbers on these sites.

So many people looked past big and small clues with Jaycee Dugard. Finally it took 2 women who just didn't think things seemed "right", to dig a little deeper. Their "gut" saved Jaycee and her two girls.

Hope helps me believe that this is possible with Ani.
She could still be out there. She too could be praying that just one person will notice her, or that something isn't right.
One person could lead her back to her family who has been searching almost 3 years for her..

Again, please watch the video below and then check out some or all of the links below it..
When you're done that,, go kiss your children!!/FindAniAshekian

Hope is the dream of a soul awake.



therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

oh sarah.... I had no idea you were friends with Ani. I have watched her story from the begining and thought of her last night when I was watching Primetime. My heart breaks for you and her family! Hang on to HOPE and your blog goes all over so you never know


NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks Nic!! Hopefully the blog might stir up some exposure again...
Ani was the girlfriend of one of our really good friends..
She is such a good person!!
Everyone misses her and not a day goes by that I don't think of her.

Sadie said...

Horrible! Hope is exactly what finds people like you friend! I'm sending some her way.

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