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Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm grumpy.. I'm really grumpy.

I feel defeated..

I just can't keep up.

As I stare at my house, completely drained of energy, I ask myself how I let it get like this. Why do we let everything go on a long weekend? AND.... why should I be the one that is left to put everything back together?

I have decided that as much as I love long weekends, I hate them when they're over. I also hate the havoc that they cause in my house..
Here are some of the reasons that I've decided that I hate long weekends.. I know that I've discussed something similar before, but bear with me,, I need to vent..

Here we go... the reasons that the long weekend has left me with severe anxiety and anger...

1. There is no food in the house.. We've been home for 4 days and absolutely everything was consumed.. I have nothing to feed my children.
Waking up on a Monday morning, after the long weekend, I REFUSE to think about going to the grocery store. And besides.......

2. We're broke.... The money seems to just blow out the window on a long weekend.. This is party our fault for always having get togethers, but seriously,, the money just disappears with all of the "little extras" that pop up.

3. The house looks like a bomb hit...  I'm serious! There are extra dishes, there is grass in the house, dog prints everywhere. the floors desperately need a vacuum, and stuff... Stuff laying everywhere because for some reason on weekends, it never finds it's way back to its proper home.

4. Laundry.. I have like 10 loads of laundry staring at me.. Half of it WAS clean, but got thrown on to the floor and now lays there in a big wrinkly pile.

5. Tired Kids.. All of the late nights have caught up and I am dealing with 2 grumpy little monsters.

6. Tired Husband.... I'm not gonna go there...

7. Tired Mommy... makes it very hard to put up with #5 and #6..

8. The fact that it is okay that the kids and daddy are tired, they can nap, they can sleep.. When does mommy rest??

9. The booze is gone.. yep,,  it was all consumed.. and now there is nothing left for grumpy mommy who is about to snap at any given moment.

You see??!! It's a good thing that I was Grateful yesterday because today, I'm being a spoiled miserable suck!!
All of this stuff that needs done is staring at me, and the only thing I want to do is go sit outside in the sun....
Guilt consumes me if I even think about sitting down, yet I have no energy to get the stuff done that needs to be..

I think that I am officially defeated.. I give up!! I HATE the aftermath of long weekends, and I HATE housework.. There I said it... and I feel better.. well not really..

Have a great day ladies, hopefully yours is better than mine!!!


Sadie said...

....and it is Monday! I actually have sat on the couch for the last hour looking at the mess in my house and wondering how it happened since we went away for the weekend...then I remember.....chaos of packing by myself on Thursday meant the kids were permitted to do anything they wanted. Why do we do this to ourselves? Next long weekend the kids are packing and doing the post clean-up! ;-)


Optimistic Mom said...

I think we have all been there! Don't you wish we could just blink and make it all better? Tomorrow has to be better, right?

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks ladies!! So far, today isn't much better, but it's got to start looking up at some point right???! Maybe when I throw all of these toys in the garbage!! lol
Sadie, I'm dreading leaving AND coming home from holidays... I'm sure there will be a repeat post after that..

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