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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Friendly!

This weekend was my first real night away.

Sure my hubby and I have done things and been away from the girls over night before, but I've never (since having kids) left my kids AND my hubby over night.

I had insane guilt over leaving. I prepared everything, took out everything he might need, made sure there was dinner in the fridge, an empty dishwasher....etc..
Even with all of that done, I had the most horrible rock in the pit of my stomach as I kissed them all and walked out the door.

Don't worry, it didn't last long! A two hour drive, tunes on, and laughing with my sister quickly cleared any apprehension that I had.

It felt awesome to be "FREE"!!

When we got to the hotel, I grabbed a drink, fell backwards on to the bed with my arms out and said "I HAVE NO KIDS OR HUBBY WITH ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" lol

A few drinks later, we went to have a quick dinner so that we could come back, have a few more drinks, and then hit the concert.
The little town of Sarnia was full of people. People of all ages, but mainly young 20 somethings..

As we returned from dinner, we walked past some 20 something "boys" in the lobby.
Once past them, I very quickly said to my sister "HE TOTALLY JUST CHECKED OUT MY BOOBS! YES!!! I STILL HAVE IT!!! CALL PETER AND TELL HIM"
I really wanted to high five my sister right then and there, but didn't think that would probably be appropriate.

What a great way to start the weekend! I've heard other women say it, but never really believed that when you get noticed, you'll love it!
I was giddy that some young punk took the time to notice my boobs..

Obviously he had no idea that they we pushed up by a fairly expensive yet effective push up bra because they've literally had the life sucked out of them by two children...... who were "cut" out of the scar that hid beneath my cute little sundress!!! HA!!! Suckers! They're too young to know that looks can be very deceiving!!

Regardless, the attention was nice. That was that.
We went back to the room, had some more drinks, got changed, and off we went.. (many humorous things happened in this time frame but I think they'll all have to be separate posts)

We got to the concert, bought some drinks ($6 a drink!! I am getting old because I think this is expensive!)
and made our way to the stage. We didn't get very close, but close enough to be excited!
We made small (drunk) talk with the people around us. We met mostly couples and other women.
Everyone was very friendly which always makes these things more fun.

Friendly is good and fun until friendly gets TOO friendly!!
As we sang and danced, people got shoved and moved around a lot. Standing shoulder to shoulder with 30,000 of your closest friends does that!

Anyway, at a certain point, I realized that two of the guys we had met had found their way over to my sister and I. Where their wives were, I have no clue. These men did not know each other.
We tried to be friendly, but I think my sister and I quickly realized something didn't seem right.

My sister kept giving me that look, you know the one where someone raises their eyebrows like "HELP!"
I was doing the same thing back to her, but neither of us were figuring out what the other was saying..
One of the married dudes was trying to get too close to her, and at one point even put his hands on her waist. She managed to get them off of her very quick. He then disappeared.
The other guy (who was very hairy and had no shirt Ewww) kept getting close and closer behind me, until his sweaty, hairy chest was pressed up against my back.

I honestly have never been so revolted in my life.

At that moment, the only thing that I wanted, was my hubby!

Obviously, i want to come home to this!!
My hubby and my kids that just hours before I was so excited to be away from.

Thankfully the set ended and we bolted out of there without having to cause a scene or trouble. We walked fast and didn't look back.

It's sad you know that we can't go to these things and be friendly with people without having to fear that they are going to think we're hitting on them, or that we're sending off vibes that we're interested.
We cannot figure out why these men would think that we were ever remotely interested in them. We were chatting with their wives, not even them.

Also, what is this world coming to that men think it's okay to walk 10 feet away from their wives and start putting their hands all over someone else's wife?

Having some young kid look at my boobs was fun,, because it was innocent!
The second that a line is crossed and another man touched me, I honestly could have vomited.

I learned a lot this weekend, but the most valuable thing I learned was just how much I love and respect my husband.
His hands are the only hands I want touching me. His chest is the only chest I ever want to feel pressed up against my back and his eyes are the only eyes,,,,, well,,, maybe I won't go that far!! lol

Hopefully you ladies all understand what I'm trying to get at.

Go out, get away, have fun, but my gosh, don't get sucked in by the little bit of extra attention! Notice it (love it and brag about it) but walk on. What's waiting at home is almost guaranteed to be better!!

I woke up the next morning 3 hours away from my hubby and kids and would have given anything to be able to tap my feet and be home..
3 hours after being home,,,, I would have given anything to tap my feet and be back in Sarnia!!

Just without hairy chest guy and the other creep!!



My Inner Chick said...

---this was a fun story!
Yeah, I agree, some dude looking at your boobs is quite innocent...but the hairy chested old fart. YUCK ... and his wife was near him. Gross. He's a freak.
Where is Sarnia?

Victoria said...

Sarah, you were in Sarnia, NUFF SAID! HYUCH HYUCK Ya'll!! I an say that cause my Brother in law is from there, and my sister is living there now, HILLBILLIES, LOL!!

Sadie said...

Yuck! Why do men think it is okay to be shirtless (probably sweaty) and close to other people? AND...what did they think was going to happen? Hook up at a concert and then go find their wives???

NotSoSilentMommy said...

OMG Vicki!! They are totally hillbillies!! Not all of them, but MANY of them!! There were times we felt like we were in a circus show!! lol
Inner chick~ He was a FREAK,,, a disgusting one.. HE did seem nice until he crossed the line!!
Sarnia is in Southwestern Ontario. It is right on the border of Mighigan! It's a nice place, but rather interesting at the same time! lol

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Sadie!! Exactly what I would like to know!!!

RoryBore said...

Glad you had fun...and get a little morale boost too! nothing wrong with that! but creepy, shirtless guy? eeww. I would have told him, "next part of you that touches me, you're not getting back. walk on!" the nerve!

Amy said...

Oh gross! I shouldn't have just eaten before reading this lol!

KL said...

Sarah, that is beyond gross. We had 3 girls behind us at the concert that were like our personal body guards. One was getting ashed on all night while the other got puked on. They were holding the crowds back and not pushing up on us. It was great!
Last year my pour mom got peed on. It is rather filthy at Bayfest.
Great concert though!
Check out my post this week about Bayfest...

Small Kucing said...

was he nuts? He thinks you are fair game? Moreover his wife is nearby. Horrible man.


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