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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Honest..

The girls got up much earlier than I was prepared for today..

We've all been sleeping in lately, and today, they were up before 7am. I know that's not early to many of you, but my girls have been sleeping until 9am lately.
Because they've been sleeping in, so have I. I then end up staying up way too late at night..

So,,, 6:45am came way too early this morning..

I laid in bed and let the girls watch TV and play around me.. I was almost back to sleep when I heard some giggling as Gracie climbed on top of me..

I was laying on my side, kind of bent in half.  Just like in this picture......

I tried to ignore the giggling,,, but it continued.

Finally I said "What's so funny?"

WAIT FOR IT..........


And that my friends is how I started this lovely summer day.
My 3 year old told me I have a big butt... and thought it was hilarious..

Although I giggled, I couldn't help but wonder WTF?

 Maybe I should go for a walk today!!

I might have to, to keep these little "angels" quiet. It's 8:30am and I'm already losing my mind!!
My "butt" and I hope your day started better than mine did!



Delaney said...

Too funny!

Healthyliving4you said...

Now that is funny! She is way too cute!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Darling Sarah, kids will be kids... so when's the due date? lol xoxo

wendy hill said...

Hilarious! Well ive never heard that one before. Are you writing this stuff down? Wait! yes you are

cssolomon said...

LOL, you should have said, "Well, take a good look at it b/c it's your future" :) LOL -

Anonymous said...

Puh-Leaaaase! I havent had a butt as small as yours in like over a friggin decade!! If you need to feel good, come on by! <3

Sarah said...

Haha! Well, my son came up to me today, grabbed both boobs and said, wow momma, your boobies are much bigger than mine.

Shanda said...

so you keep a diary of all they say? I kept one for each child

NotSoSilentMommy said...

It was pretty funny,, and yes ladies.. I will be writing it all down.. I guess I already have on here. I plan on making my blog a book for my girls so that one day they can read it and really get to know their mommy.. Hopefully when they have kids, they'll enjoy it even more..

CSSOLOMON~ I like your way of thinking! Hopefully she got her daddy's genes!!

Sarah~ Did he really??! For some reason, it's so much funnier coming from a boy!! lol

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