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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trying to keep up!

I know, I know!! I suck lately! Keeping up with the blogging world had become a task. I promise to redeem myself next week. (I'm also trying to get to responding to comments, but we'll see about that!)
Things should be a little quieter around here.
This week has been busy with parties, last day of school, and way too many of these....

Will post recipe soon!! Yummy!!

I totally missed out on my Friday Five! I will be back tonight, with my usual Friday Five post, but for now, I am keeping with my routine. My Saturday favourite..

I know you're all going to love this one. If you follow my blog, it's most likely because like me,, you can admit that you're not perfect. That motherhood isn't all roses, and that your kids aren't perfect...

You have to check out MOTHERHOOD, WTF?, this week..
Her new post titled..Let's have a Revolution,, and it is awesome.. and I totally want to take part in her revolution...
Hop on over, read the post and let me know if you agree with the suggested revolution!!

Have a great days ladies and make sure you check back later for the Friday Five (a day late)

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