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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Favourite!

As you read this, I'm probably either on my way, or already in Sarnia. Hopefully with a Margarita in hand listening to some of my favourite country music performers..

I'll be seeing... Rodney Atkins, Aaron Pritchett and Lady Antebellum. I'm so Freakin' excited!!

I'm almost as excited to share my favourite posts from this week.
I actually couldn't choose between two, so I'm going to leave the link to both.

The first is from Sadie over at The Tightrope Walk... I've featured her before, so I'm sure you'll recognize her site once you get over there.
Her post this week is about how little "getaways" are not necessarily "getaways" when you're a mommy.
I thought that I was the only one who  felt this way... A vacation to me is just life somewhere out of my comfort...
See what Sadie has to say about it by clicking HERE.

My second choice for Weekly Favourite is by a blogger that I have just found. I'm so happy to have found Laura over at Catharsis... My favourite post from her is about COMFY PANTS!!!
Oh how I love my comfy pants.. I never thought I would be a comfy pant mommy, but the second my hubby gets through the door and sees that I did make an effort to look nice for him,, I run upstairs and put my comfy pants on.. I'm still not one to go out with them on, but I'm sure it won't be long!
You MUST read Laura's post on Comfy pants if you want a giggle for the weekend. The post is hilarious.
In case you haven't been there yet, check out some of her other posts as well. She's great!!
How do you get there you ask?? Click HERE

Have a great weekend ladies! I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow or not. That all depends on how well the Margaritas go down tonight!

In the meantime, Check out what I'll be looking at tonight!!


Well, she'd be yummy to a guy, but her voice is out of this world!!

I'd consider cheating on my hubby for this!!  NO, not really,, but maybe in my dreams!!
Don't worry, my hubby is fully aware of this!! 



Lisa said...

Oh man - you're going to Bayfest, aren't you? I am jealous! I live about an hour away from there but in the US.
Have a good time!!

Yes - Rodney is ~very~ yummy !!!!!

mommy717 said...

following form blog hop, follow back please: I love country music

jellybelly said...

Bloghopping from weekend bloghop til you drop.

The Twerp and I

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