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Monday, August 8, 2011


Most of you read my post last week about all of the strange amazing things that my daughter has been saying lately. If you missed that post, please click HERE to catch up.

I received many comments/emails from people encouraging me to record EVERYTHING that she says/does from this point on.

I decided that this is a great idea, because already, I have forgotten so many of these amazing things.

I also decided that this blog is the best place for me to document all of these moments.

My plan is to eventually turn this blog into (for personal use)a book. Mostly for memory sake, but also to give to my girls. Hopefully when they're a little older, the book will give them the opportunity to get to know me inside and out.
My hopes are that the book will also help them on their own journey of motherhood.
I would love to have access to my moms thoughts from when she was raising us!

So... from here on out, you will probably find some random posts about Gracie and the neat things that she has said/done.

The first one begins here....

This morning, after cuddling in bed watching TV, we got up to go downstairs.
On my way out of the room, I hit the power button on the TV and shut it off.
As we walked away, the TV came back on.
That's weird, I THOUGHT (I didn't acknowledge it out loud)

Gracie quickly said "Those silly angels, how did they do that?"
ME: It was an angel sweetie? Which angel do you think it was?
GRACIE: I think it was Gram's angel!
ME: Who is Gram's angel?
GRACIE: Gram's Mommy!
ME: OH?!!! (kinda speechless now because she has no real way of knowing that,,, she's 3!)


GRACIE: "Mommy, I think that Gram really misses her mommy every day."
ME: "I think you're right, she probably does!"
GRACIE: "Well mommy, Gram's mommy will always be in her heart, do you think she knows that?"
ME: "I hope so baby."
GRACIE:"Me too Mommy"

She then walked away and started playing... End of subject..

I quickly called my mom and told her and of course she teared up. She said that she has always told people that her mom is always in her heart and that she has always felt that she is with her..She also said that she has been thinking about her a lot lately. ( I will do a blog post this week to explain further)

We're kind of thinking that Gracie was confirmation of that this morning...

Until next time...


~ *Sandra* ~ said...

AMAZING!! I love that Gracie is so in touch with everyone around her. I'm sure your mom was taken back by her comments, but equally pleased.
Also super excited this will be a book! Your blogs continue to make me happy :)

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Sandra!! You're still here! I thought I had lost you!!
I am going to do everything in my power to make sure she stays this way! I'm
I wish I had the ability that she does..
Thanks for your support!

RoryBore said...

I hope you blog for a long time because I am really interested to see where Gracie goes with this ability. I think how tuned she is to other's feelings is definitely a gift. Won't it be amazing to see how she uses it later in life?

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Hey Leslie!
I don't plan on going anywhere!! I am really interested to see where she goes with it but also a little worried for her.
She is so connected to other's emotions and energies, that once she gets into school, I'm afraid it might be a whole new ball game..
I just really hope that she keeps this forever and that it doesn't create any problems for her..
Thanks for your comments!

Mrs.Moose said...

OK...crying...the ugly kind!!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Mrs.Moose!! You're still here too?!? I've missed all of my old commenters!!
I'm sorry that you're doing the ugly cry!! Welcome to my life!!
Make sure you come back on Wed. for details on my moms mom!

Erin said...

I found you via voiceBoks and I love your blog. Your idea of turning into a book for your daughter some day is exactly why I started mine. I have 6 kids and I wanted them to have a piece of me to hold on to!
Isn't it awesome how little children are so in tune to things that we as adults are too fast paced and harried to pick up on!!
I'm your newest follower!

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

Sarah I love this idea some how I missed your post last week or I would have commented.. WOW Gracie made me cry but not ugly HAPPY.. I love that she had a message from her great grandma for her grandma. What a special thing.

I remember being a kid and freaking at my cousins house cuss of the man in the dinning room and never wanting to go there cuss of the man that no one could see..
One of my best friends also is very in tune to the angels around us and I LOVE IT.. Gracie if your reading this book one day I want you to know that your mom is an amazing author and knows what your going through and if she didn't write about it, she just didn't have time cuss you were keepin her running..

Hugs Sarah

Kathy said...

Great post! I love stories like that!! Grace sounds like such a sweetie!!! I thik it is a great idea to keep account of them, I wish I had done more to keep Tom's recorded, you are right, it is so easy to forget! Thanks for a really nice post!

Spanish Pinay said...

Ok, goosebumps here! Your daughter is truly gifted and not only that she really has a pure and sensitive heart. Bless her and your family!

Spanish Pinay

Rebecca Burton said...

I had never thought about making the blog into a book for my children.... What a wonderful idea! (I hope my kids "get" my sense of humor....)

Great post! Made me tear up a bit.

Lindsay said...

Goosebumps for sure!!! Love it! Great idea about the book...the girls will love it when they are older!

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