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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Different or Special??

I am totally aware that this is going to seem like a very strange subject to some of you, but I've been debating on whether or not to write about it for far too long. Things have happened again this week, and I need to talk about it.

Have your kids ever done or said things that make you scratch your head in wonder?

Yes, obviously they do things every day that make us wonder and scratch our heads, but I mean really strange things, and really make you scratch you heads!

Check out this site for more info
Have you  heard of the terms CRYSTAL KIDS? INDIGO CHILDREN?
I've been starting to pay a little more attention to the terms..

Gracie has always been a really neat child. She's always talked about whatever is on her mind, and holds nothing back.. but some of the things that she talks about, just blow our minds.
Things that make me think that there is WAY more to this little girl than what we can see..

I am going to just list a few of the things that she has come out with. I will go back as far as I can remember...

* Very early, like as soon as she could talk, she started telling us that "DADDY'S GRANDMA" was in her room all the time..

*On vacation we stayed in a cabin that was built on old farm land. It was there she told us about "JONAH WHO HAS SHEEP AND COWS"

*For as long as I can remember she has told us about the angels in her room that come and see her every night. Sometimes they help her fly like Tinkerbell.

*For the longest time she had a "friend" named George. Gracie was the only one that could see him. She also has a stuffed monkey named George so when we asked her if that is who she was talking about, she would get very mad. She meant her friend George. When we started asking too many questions, George disappeared.

*Gracie was probably only about 2 when she started pointing out our back door and pointing at the "horsey"... she told us he was big and black. Sometimes she would just stand at the door waving to him smiling.. We could never see him, but she was adamant that he was there. Our property also used to be farm land.

*She talked about the "lady" that slept in the upstairs bedroom at Gram's house. (No one lives there except my parents. Both upstairs bedrooms are guest rooms)

*She met a little boy a couple of weeks ago, and they hit it off right away. The other day when I mentioned her "new" friend, she informed me that he is NOT a new friend that they have known each other for a very, very long time.

*Driving past a cemetery a few weeks ago she said "Wow, look at all the beautiful angels!"

*When swimming at my sister's last week, she laid backwards, arms out, hair in the water and said out loud "I'M ALIVE!!" She wasn't being silly, it was kind of neat really.

*When talking about her birthday party yesterday, she asked me if her "old daddy" could come. I told her that her daddy isn't old. She said "No, not old like that! Old, like when you don't use it any more? Can my old daddy come that I don't use any more?" (Please remember that she is 3!)

*I asked her if she had "old mommies" and she said that I have always been her mommy but that she's had other daddies! Weird... (the good thing is that she says Peter is her favourite! lol)

another great site:
Now I know, kids have crazy imaginations, they make things up. In my heart though, I believe there is something more to this.
These aren't things that 3 year old's normally say. Also, where do these thoughts come from?
You have to admit, for a little girl, she would have to have one heck of an imagination.

All of this used to scare me, freak me out beyond belief. Now  though, I am fascinated by it all.
Isn't it amazing to think that our children are so open to what is "out there"? Amazing to think that there might be a possibility of afterlife, reincarnation and all of that amazing stuff??

"They" say that kids are more open to it, and that we should never discourage them. Never tell them they are wrong or that you don't believe them. After all,, who are we to judge? How do we know what they can see, hear, feel?

Kids all over the world are being diagnosed with things like Autism, ADD, etc... Some believe that they are simply more intuitive, that they are Crystal or Ingido.
What if there IS more to it? What if we start looking deeper? (I'm not saying that I don't believe in ADD or Autism, but I do believe that some kids are misdiagnosed.)

I've really become fascinated with all of this.
I'm interested to see what all of you think? Hearing some of your stories? Experiences?
I'm sure that some of you think that I've gone completely nutty, but that's okay.

Maybe so many of the things that seem so innocent have more meaning to them than we could ever know?
I can't wait to hear all of your opinions and stories.. Surely my daughter can't be the only child in the world saying and doing neat things!!

Next week, I'm going to do a feature on Crystal/Indigo kids, if you're not interested, don't come back,, but hey we've got nothing to lose by looking a little deeper, right?

Feel free to tell me I'm crazy, I really don't mind!


Lisa said...

Fascinating! Can't wait to read more!

The Home C.E.O. said...

my autistic son asks me "who's grandmas friend?" Not knowing what he's talking about, i ask him "who?"
he says "the old man with glasses that's always hanging out with grandma. you know, her friend"

My mother in law's husband passed away 3years ago. he was asking us this AFTER he passed away. As in, he saw the 2 hanging out recently. All the time. He says that he's alway with her and never leaves her side.

I believe it. I used to see my grandma after she passed away when I was very little.

I think children have a doorway that has been shut for us.

Write down everything she says, Sarah. Right it all down. You'll be glad you did.

RoryBore said...

I certainly believe in Angels...or messengers of a sort that God sends to assist us -- warn us, whatever. I never really beleived in ghosts per say though - that would basically go against the Christian idea that your soul goes to Heaven when you die. (despite an Irish background very rich in all things fantastical and faery!)

But my middle child, a girl, used to stare up into a corner of her bedroom from her crib. Like REALLY fascinated. My mom joked that she must be watching angels fly over her. You just dismiss as one of those things, right? But then my MIL's cat was with us for a few months, and he used to go into their bedroom and do The Same Thing!!! Sit and stare up at that particular corner! I just got goosebumps just typing that.

So really, who knows what is really "out there." I think a door must close when we leave childhood behind. So I agree...write it all down! I used my daughters' experience to begin a work of prose in the form of an epic poem. It will probably take me years to finish it, but what a great thing to show her one day!

Kathy said...

I have always belived that children are more open to the spritual side, they are so young, they have not always lost that part of themselves. My oldest would tell us things about people, somtimes really freaking people out. He one time said to his peditrican, out of the blue, how is your new puppy doing ( realize there were no picutes anywhere and nobody had mentioned anything, this doctor is very private and never talks about anything persoanl) She stared at him and said, the puppy is fine, then he said, I know your old dog died, the doctor stared again and said, yes my old dog did die. You are very sad about your daddy today, he is dead too. Now she looked over to me and said, yes, honey, my dad died a year ago today. By this time I was getting use to Tom's "gift" but this was big even for him. He was 5. He has not really had too much more of these situatations, I think it scared him to a point. I find it facinating. Thanks!

Kristina said...

This is a great post, and definitely something you shouldn't feel uneasy about discussing:) When my daughter was born, a friend said her eyes looked very wise, like an old soul... and I think it's true - she sees everything around her, takes it in, accepts it and describes it. I think people may focus on children having this special gift, but they are seeing things that we can all see - if our eyes and minds are open to it:)
Keep writing - I'd love to hear more,

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Yes Sarah Darling, I know about the indigo children and no you are not alone... xoxo

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Wow! I never expected all of these amazing comments..
It is so fascinating to hear your stories and know that our children really do possess this amazing ability..
I'm hoping that I can keep my daughter's "doors" open.. I never want them to shut.. I hope they remain open to all of this forever..
Thanks again!!

Spanish Pinay said...

I always believe in these things and have been fascinated by it! I am here from the latest post to catch up... now I'm gonna go back to the latest post and continue :)

Spanish Pinay

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

There is some wonderful reading out there on crystal children. Also, here we have a group that meets for children do practice reiki ... your daughter is on the young side, but look into it.
Children are so pure of heart, never underestimate their connection from where they just came ;)

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