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Thursday, August 25, 2011

FRIDAY FIVE = Live and Learn....

I'm not gonna lie!

It's Thursday night and I'm sitting down to do my Friday Five.. I've drank 1/2  a bottle of really yummy Malbec, and I'm quite upset about the happenings on Big Brother..

What's a girl to do??!


Okay, so, once again, this week dragged on.. I need Friday to be here!
I have a busy weekend, but a fun one..

As I sit here, looking back at my past week, I'm really happy that a new one is beginning.
It hasn't been a BAD week, but it really hasn't been a great one either..

Sometimes the lessons we learn as an adult are much more difficult than our childhood ones...
Here we go....

1. THINGS/PEOPLE CHANGE~ or maybe people have always been this way, and we've just had a distorted view of who they are... OR...Maybe we change, and they all stay the same?? I don't know.. Either way,,things change, and it sucks.

2. TALK IT OUT!! ~ It's much better to have the conversation.. No matter how many times we start and then stop.. no matter what it is.. get it out.. if you don't, it will eat at you. Stuff that is held in can only do harm.. What's the worst that can happen by talking about it??

3. ROAD TRIPS ARE GOOD FOR THE SOUL~ 10 hours in a car,, ,just him and I... all in one weekend.. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We laughed, we joked, we got serious, we found a dirt road.....
You get my point.. I think that if there is any true test in this world, for a couple, it's just that.. Put yourself in a vehicle together.. no kids, no pets... no stops... what happens?
I realized in those 10 hours that there is no one that I would rather be stuck in a vehicle with than my hubby...I remembered why we fell in love..

4. ITS A SMALL WORLD~ We drove 5 hours to a surprise party. We knew we would know some of the guest but not many. The guest of honour was "delivered" by my husbands cousin...I had never met her, and he hadn't seen her in years.. She is absolutely amazing, and I'm so thankful to have met her..

5. I SHOULD WORRY MORE~ I found out today that Mommie's I (kind of) know are totally spending their times prepping their children for JK.. Like to the point of packing a lunch in a lunch bag for them and making sure they know how to go to it, take a snack, eat their lunch, open containers...etc... Should I be doing this??? Ahh... see.. it's mommies like this that turn me into a complete freak...
Should I be doing Mock lunches???? For real.... Should I?????

Have an awesome weekend ladies *and gents*!!!

We're having a purging weekend here in my household.. We're already arguing over what stays and what goes, so I'm sure you're all in for a fun blog post next week.. Maybe my hubby should guest post?!!



Victoria said...

Great List Sarah. I can relate to so many of your points this week. Honestly, I think we all change everyday, with every new experience, and sometime there is just nothing that can be done about it.
About the JK stuff, YES, PRACTICE!! This is my third go at JK and we always to a back pack, shoes and lunch box practice the week before. My guys are at a camp this week where they have to bring a lunch, and mt PRE JKer is loving it, and it is making sure he doesn't have a break down come school when he can't get his lunch out. Don't worry about it, I didn't know to do this with my oldest until the Daycare he was at suggested it!!
Have a Great Weekend!

RoryBore said...

I have sudden urge to pack ONE bag (cause we wouldn't need a lot of clothes, wink, nudge) and yell at my husband, "start the car, start the car!!!" LOL
Course, he must drive and I must, and this is crucial, I must be the DJ....or else all is lost.

Shell said...

Mock lunches? That never even occurred to me!

Sadie said...

The only thing we did was make sure that any container we packed could be opened and closed by Sophie. There are always lunch helpers, but some kids will sit and not eat if they can't open their lunch rather than ask for help. Other than that - we did no practicing. We did talk about making sure to eat good stuff first and leave something to eat for the second break. I knew she could do all the zippers and pack her bag so it seemed silly to practice. The only other thing we worked on was zipping coats, buttons, etc but we would do this anyway. One thing to keep in mind is that you send her isn bottoms that she can pull on and off herself. So now dresses with tights, no jeans with button and zipper, etc. Teachers are very carefully about helping with this kind of stuff and often can stop what they are doing to run the washroom to help with tights. If they can't do it themselves in the bathroom DO NOT dress them in it. Don't worry...she will do great!

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