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Friday, August 5, 2011


I missed my Friday Five last week, so am going to take 5 things from the past two weeks..

Five things I've learned in two weeks.... this should be easy...

1. MY LOVE FOR READING~ My mom told me about a book that I HAD to read.. Lately, I've been reading self help types of books only... I picked up Sarah's Key, and couldn't put it down. When I finished the book, I felt anxiety that I had nothing to read, and ran out to buy another book. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to get "lost" in a book!

2. MY DAUGHTER ASPIRES TO BE A DIRTY DIRTY DANCER ~ There's nothing like sitting taking a pee and having your 3 year old come to you and say "MOMMY, You know what I wanna be?? I wanna be a Dirty Dirty Dancer!!" Thank you Enrique!!

3.I'M NOT READY FOR JK!! ~ I thought that I was so ready for Gracie to start in September but as the weeks fly by, the weight on my chest gets heavier and heavier as I think about it. Add looking at a new school bag and back to school clothes and I know for sure that she is ready, bu I'm NOT!

4.I NEED A JOB! ~ Actually, I NEED a cottage. If I want a cottage, I better get my arse employed so that I can contribute to the payments..

5.I MISS MY FRIENDS ~ Our best friends moved to Ottawa (5 hours away) a few years ago, and although I've always known that I miss them, spending a weekend with them made it much worse!!Almost more than missing them, I miss their boys! I miss watching our children giggle and play together. It's horrible hearing my 3 year old, say "I miss Ashton Mommy", and knowing they can't see each other.
Now, I'm on a mission to find a way to get them back here!!
Any suggestions would be appreciated..

I probably should have done 10 things today but these were the first 5 that popped into my head..

Please make sure you come back for my Saturday Favorite this week.. It's all about Facebook again, and I promise you'll love it and want to share it with everyone you know...
Grateful for Sunday is probably going to be about how I'm grateful for Advil because I know I'm going to be needing it Sunday after having awesome friends spend the night Saturday!!!

Until then ladies.... RAISE YOUR GLASS!!!!


Sadie said...

If you like Sarah's Key you should read anything by Kate Morton or a book called the Thirteenth Tale. Not as dark as Sarah's Key, a little bit of mystery but kind of twisty. Nice post!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks so much Sadie, I will check Kate Morton out for sure as well as The Thirteenth Tale. I just started one called My Name is Memory, and I'm hooked on it, so maybe that will be my next one..

Carolyn said...

Hey there, you ROCK MY FRIEND!!!!!! Just want to let you know that I love you to pieces and forever will. Thank you for the beautiful post, especially the part including me, lol. We miss you guys more than words can say and I as well wish that our boys were growing up together. You have always been such an amazing friend and will forever love you for it. I heard a quote on the radio today and I thought about us, " Best friends are like one soul sharing two bodies." Kinda fits us don't you think?

Love you babe and I hope that you have an awesome weekend, please have a drink for me!!!! xoxo

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