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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We went out to my parent's house today.

We planned on spending a fun morning by the river.. This is what we did.


Imagine if you will.....

A Dog like this....(All 115lbs of him)

Dragging my 3 year old princess (All 30lbs of her)

About 5 feet, face first, over a pile of rocks on the river's edge....
This was immediately after. It looks like Bob wanted his daddy who had no idea why Gracie was crying.
That is why he was still taking photos..
Notice my niece with her hand up to her chest?! She shook for an hour after!!
Not a pretty site!

She is OKAY... Mommy, not so much! I still cry when talking about it..or thinking about it..

It really wasn't the dogs fault. 

We were all standing on the river's edge, waiting for my dad to find my nephews shoe that had been swept away.. 

For some reason unknown to me, Gracie decided to pick up Bob's leash. It must have been because he was just sitting there quietly, and she felt big by holding on to him.

Something caught Bob's attention (probably my dad) and he took off like a bat out of hell!!

He had no clue that little Gracie was holding on to his leash, and he probably couldn't even feel that he was dragging her.

Unfortunately, I saw the whole thing happen. Her little feet flew into the air, and her face smashed off the rocks, as the dog ran, her little head was bouncing off of each rock. She screamed, and she screamed.

It was like time stood still as I watched. A million things went through my head but my main thought was wondering how an ambulance was ever going to get to us, and how we would ever get help. There was no one around!

I screamed at her to let go of the leash. All of us were running towards her. She finally let go.
Another 2 feet or so, and she would have gone face first into the water.

All of this took place really quickly. I'm willing to bet that it was 20 or 30 seconds. It felt like minutes..

When I (finally) got over to her, I picked her up without looking at her. I was terrified to look at her face.
Her screams told me that she was in a lot of pain.
She grabbed a hold of me like she never has, and wailed.

She was covered in dirt and rocks, her shoes had been thrown off, and there was blood trickling from both nostrils.. 

That was it!!!!!

I don't know how, but she had all of her teeth, not one scratch on her face, and no broken bones. (well, I'm still not convinced that her nose isn't broken. It is at least twice as big as it should be!)

I am thanking her angels... you know, the ones she is always talking to and about?? 
That is the only explanation that I can find as to why Gracie's face was not completely torn apart..

So.. I'm going to have a glass of wine now.... 
I'm still checking on Gracie every hour or so, but she seems great. I can't believe it..

The thoughts of what could have have happened today are going to haunt me. The sight of my daughter being bounced off of rocks, face first will haunt me. I will never forget that site..

The other thing is has done, is reminded me how much I love my little girls and how much they mean to me..
I hugged them both a little tighter tonight, and will for days to come..

Today was just a reminder that in the blink of an eye, everything can change!
Now, go hug your kids!!


Sadie said...

Poor girl! My heart is racing for you. I'm not a big dog fan mostly because of an incident similar to this one that happened to my brother when he was three. You just never know. Hope you are both feeling better tomorrow!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Ohhh Noooo! I'm sorry that happened Darling... will hug my kids extra tight too. xoxo

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

HOLY CRAP.. I can't believe you have a pic of it.. or the after.. That made me feel sick.. You must have been so scared... Her angels ROCK!! HUgs to mom and Gracie

RoryBore said...

poor little thing..she must have been terrified! I cannot imagine what You must have been going through watching it. But whew..thank you, thank you Gracie's angels who must surely fly fast!

Missy said...

Oh my gosh. Chills. I am so thankful for your family that it wasn't worse! And I can't believe you have a picture of it right after it happened. Yes, I will hug my girls hard today.

Lisa said...

Oh wow, {{hugs}} to you, too! How scary! Glad the little Princess wasn't seriously hurt!

You better have 2 glasses of wine. Or three.

GJT said...

Wow, Sarah, what a horrifying moment! But I'm glad Gracie escaped the whole thing relatively unscathed. It's amazing how resilient those little bodies are, right? Here's hoping she's feeling a little better today....

Me 2 U said...

WOW Sarah
So glad that her 'keepers' were paying attention and kept her so unharmed. I cannot believe that you did not drop the camera in the water! I would have, then ran (and tripped) trying to get to her.
We have a boxer and I fear something like that happening.

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