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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One, or a few Bad Apples!

I know that I haven't had a Wednesday vent day in a long time, but I need one today!!

If you don't want to hear my grumpiness and negativity you should probably stop reading here.....
Oh, I'm also putting my judgy pants on, so be prepared..

I took the girls to the Dollar store yesterday. Why? Just because! We love the dollar store and it works for mommy because everything is cheap. If they each see 2 things they want, it still only costs me $4. Win Win for everyone involved.

I've never had a bad experience at the dollar store. Sure, there are some pretty sketchy looking people, but they're harmless.

Yesterday however, the store was full of old rich *itches!!

Like seriously, if you are driving a Lexus, have diamonds the size of smarties and designer clothes and purses, do you really need to be in the dollar store??

Okay, Okay, I know! Everyone deserves a deal right? I'm also a firm believer that rich people get rich by being cheap. That is fine!!
However, IF you're going to enter a dollar store, leave your Rick *itch attitude in your Lexus..

These women pranced around the store like they owned it. They pushed past us rudely, they had scowls on their faces and looks of disgust as they picked certain things up (obviously it wasn't of high enough quality) and to top it off, they looked at my children like they were dirty little rodents..

Seriously! They looked at my children with their noses turned up.
One lady even shoved past the cart that Lylah was in. When I (stupidly) said "Oh Sorry"... she glared at me and kept walking..

I wanted to ram that cart right up her snotty rich butt. Instead I sat there rummaging through thoughts in my head, trying to find the perfect thing to say to her as she walked away..
I couldn't think of anything good enough.. 10 deep breaths, leave it alone and be the bigger person....I'm good like that..

Jump ahead 15 minutes to the check out. Of course, it's a dollar store with tons of customers and only 1 cashier.
A second cashier yells out " I can help the NEXT person over here"... so, I quickly scoot over to the other side of the cash (seeing as I was the NEXT person in line)... only to see a different Lexus (maybe, maybe not) driving, snotty faced woman rushing to get there first.. And she did!!!

She actually turned and smirked giving me the "OH WELL" look....

Once again,I stood there visualizing my cart hitting her from behind, (over and over) but  I stood silently..

Would you believe that she actually complained about the taxes on the items??!

Lady!! You're in a dollar store, you just bought 5 items for $5.00,  you drive a Lexus, (or Bentley or whatever) wear peals, and diamonds and you're going to complain about the taxes????

Yesterday was the first time that I wanted my children to throw a fit at the cash, start screaming, coughing, throwing things, anything.. Wouldn't it be great if they threw the glitter glue at her head??

I'm not a violent person, really, I'm not!! But C'Mon!!!

I really think that the rich folk should leave dollar stores and any other discount stores to us regular folk,, unless of course they want to knock themselves down a few notches before entering the stores. Or like I suggested earlier, they could always just leave their attitude in the car!!

PS~ I apologize if you've got a lot of money, drive a Lexus, have pearls or diamonds the size of smarties. I know that not all people are ignorant and rude. I actually know a lot of very nice rich people!
But... you know what they say about one bad apple!!


Jolene said...

What you should have done while you were in line was "accidentally" bump her with your cart and looked up at her, smiled and said "ohh well"! Hahaaha

NotSoSilentMommy said...

HA JOLENE!! If I had my time back, I definitely would have.. It was one of those moments that I was just so shocked that I couldn't even speak.... and that doesn't happen very often!! lol

The Home C.E.O. said...

Me and my diamonds are totally offended. How dare you.

OMG- I hate when people are like that. fortunately i'm the kind of person who can easily tell people off.

You are a wonderful example to your children though. good for you for taking the high road..... and those women are bitches. just goes to show that money can't buy class.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

LMAO!! I knew you'd be the one with the Smartie diamonds!!Do you have the Lexus too??!! GAWD, I want a Lexus!
Very, very true that money can't buy class.. I've seen it my whole life..
I need to have money one day so that I can teach others.. I guess I should get my ass back to work if I want that to happen!!! lol

Anonymous said...

loved the post...and have totally been *there* when those 'folk' are out...Jesus...pisses me off...My favourite is when I smile at people as I pass them and they give me a glare...ofcourse by me, I mean me and my boys...who are usually smiling and talking about transformers (well, the older one) , younger one just gives everyone smiles....i always think SAD of a person are u that you cant even smile at them...I mean...I know they're not AMAZING KIDS to you, but they're sweet little boys smiling at you and here I am ALSO smiling at you...and the look we get back is not as nice...pretty much the opposite!! I find Walmart bad for that lately too...wth!? Who made those shoppers GOD?!!!!


RoryBore said...

Hmmm.....I too would like to take the high road most often. but I fear since one of my own precious cargo was unceremoniously "bumped"; the snark would have emerged.

"Um, Oh..yeah careful how you go there. don't let innocent babes get in your way of a cheap deal."

You always crack me up! love that about you. So I passed an award on to you. You can claim it on my blog "" do with it as you will.

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