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Tuesday, August 2, 2011



That is what Ben from the Bachelorette said last night. Usually, I would agree with him.

Not today though!

Our holidays are over, and yes, it's sad, but they didn't end badly. They ended with a bottle of wine, a snuggle on the couch and an evening of the Bachelorette. Perfect in my eyes!

But.... You know? Now that I think of it, he might have a point.
As I look around my house, and the floors that aren't vacuumed, the dishes that need done, the laundry piled high, and my out of routine grumpy children, he's definitely got a point.

Damn you holidays!

I'm really just being silly. I wouldn't trade our holidays for the cleanest house in the country. I enjoyed every second of my hubby being home with us. 11 days really wasn't enough. We both said last night that it would have been nice had he taken this week off as well..
Instead we'll save them for later in the year.

Today will consist of cleaning, laundry, sticking to naps, getting back on track with eating, some groceries, paying some bills, and hopefully a nap of my own.

So, forgive me as I take another day, to RECOVER. I promise to be back in full swing tomorrow with a more exciting, "normal",  post.

In the meantime, check out this awesome article that I received in my Inbox this morning from SAVVYMOM.CA. I laughed reading it because I know at least 2 moms that fit into each of the categories..

Where the Wild Moms Are
Mom Types

Seven wild-mom species revealed.

We don’t like to label (it feels like we’re judging). But we’re moms and we like to give things names. We also like to be part of the conversation.
This year the Tiger Momphenomenon took the conversation of mom types to a whole new level. Apparently it’s a jungle out there—here are seven more animal mom types we think you might be able to identify with.
Octopus Mom
Whether it’s soccer balls, play dates, lice-lady duty or the carpool schedule, this mom knows how to juggle a thing or two for the sake of her children’s well-being. While the Octopus Mom easily adapts to any child-centric environment, she’s most at home behind the wheel of her minivan driving children to after-school programs or on the soccer pitch, where she stands with the dreaded snack list. Her kids get lots of ribbons for participating.
Labradoodle MomLabradoodle Mom
Always on-trend, Labradoodle Moms can be found shopping at Baby Gap, pushing designer strollers to hot yoga or downing soy-milk lattes (who does dairy anymore?). They look great in Hunter rain boots (even on sunny days), shop at organic food stores and source parenting advice from Gwyneth Paltrow. Labradoodle Moms are smart, well-educated, and they look good.  Like their namesake, you can’t help but love them…if only they (and their adorable kids) would get dirty once in a while.
imageSloth Mom
‘Good enough’ are the watchwords of the
Sloth Mom, frequently uttered as she lets dishes air-dry in the sink, trips over a Tonka truck or dabs her son with Tide to Go when he squirts ketchup on himself (even though he’s still wearing his pyjamas). While we might not aspire to live the same lifestyle, we all secretly wish we could be as chilled as a sloth mom and we certainly appreciate her willingness to offer a glass of Chardonnay and lend an ear to a friend in need.
We all take a walk on the wild side from time-to-time but remember that underneath all the fur and feathers and fangs, every one of us holds a love for our children in common.
It’s a jungle out there. For your safety, as well as that of your children, read up on all seven wild mom types.
When you've finished reading the whole article, please come back and let me know which Wild Mommy Type you are as well as the type that irritates you the most! 
I am definitely the SLOTH mommy, and the mommy that drives me crazy (even though they're good mommies most of the time) is the LABRADOODLE mommy. (Sorry ladies, maybe it's because I wish I could be just a little more like you)


RoryBore said...

Oh no. I don't fit into any category!
Crap...that probably means I am a Sloth mom...doesn't it? ha ha

NotSoSilentMommy said...

LOL!! You must be a sloth mom!! Just like me, there's nothing wrong with there??? lol

Anonymous said...

Is there something that comes after a Sloth mom? Like, an "extra Slothy Mom?" Cuz that's what I'd be! LOL


NotSoSilentMommy said...

@Kel~ I believe the term for us would be "SUPER SLOTH"!!! lol

Anonymous said...

bahahaha!! Awesome! Agreed!


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