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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Fav... Mama Kat..

Happy Saturday!!

I had no trouble picking my favourite post this week.. As soon as I read it, I knew that it would be my feature for today.
KAT/KATHY from over at MAMA'S LOSIN' IT has nailed it on the head again with her post about FACEBOOK.
There have been a lot of different blog posts done in the past, but I can say without doubt that this is my favourite..

I'm doing something a little differently today. I've copied and pasted the post right on to my site... I don't think enough of you are following the awesome links that I give you every Saturday so I'm hoping that this will force you to read these great posts.. Once you've read them and see how awesome these Mama's are, hopefully you'll pop over to their site and check out the rest of their stuff......

Definitely check out Kat's stuff after reading this hilarious post.. I'll even make it easy for you..

Without any more babbling, here is FACEBOOK UPDATES I DON'T WANT TO READ

It’s critical that we all write this Facebook Etiquette post at one point or another. I’ve been fighting it for some time now. I mean your Facebook page is really your business. If I see you post something that I think is silly or stupid or offensive I usually take a sip of coffee and scroll on down the list. Do what you want folks.
That being said…
If you happen to be starting off on Facebook and you’re really not sure what you should write or who you should friend or how it all works…well then I feel I owe it to you to advise you on the types of Facebook updates that cause me to sip and scroll or maybe gag a little bit:
  • The undying love for your spouse update. Example: “I am so lucky to be married to the most generous man in the universe! I love you Babe!!”:
Doesn’t everyone just assume you love your spouse? I mean you did marry that person. When I read this type of update I assume a.) you’re fighting b.) you want to go shopping or c.) you’re feeling insecure. Whatever the reason, I then assume you will probably be having sex that night and just GREAT now I’ve got that image stuck in my head. No thank you.
  • The undying love for your kids update.  Example: “I am so blessed to have such amazing beautiful children. They truly are angels. Thank you Jesus!”
I have three kids, I have taught high schoolers, and I’ve cared for a countless number of children in my home daycare…I know from experience you can’t possibly mean this. When I read this update I assume a.) you are on drugs b.) your “kids” are purse sized chihuahuas or c.) you are on drugs. I just don’t know why else you would bother announcing your love like that…it can’t possibly be because you’re happy.
  • The Message to Jesus Update. Example: See Above
I love Jesus. I truly do. But He doesn’t read Facebook I can promise you that. And I know that because he told me in a dream last night right after He mentioned the destruction of our entire planet on January 14th 2022 at 3:45 pm PST. He also wants you to call me Mama Kat Full of Grace and suggested you all start sending me money. Believe me, I’m just as baffled as you are. Please stop talking to Him on Facebook and send all money orders to my Paypal account at God bless.
  • The Whining Update. Example: “Thinking I might shut down my Facebook Page since it seems no one here really likes to engage or talk to me.”
This update embarrasses me. It is a ploy to get me to comment on your page and beg you to stick around. And I will. Because I’m a nice friend. And because I don’t want you to kill yourself. Or me.
  • Pictures of your bruises.
I don’t want to see your bruises. I don’t want to see an open wound. I don’t want to see broken limbs or bloody noses. I am sorry you are hurt, but my stomach can no longer take the abuse it once could. Please keep your war wounds to yourself. And seriously. Be careful out there.
  • Pictures of your boobs.
I know what you’re thinking. What red-blooded-American-Woman does NOT like to see pictures of a beautiful woman’s breasts??? And the answer is…I don’t know…you can actually continue posting these.
  • The Someone Could Call CPS on You Update. Example: “Whoopsies! My son just polished off an entire bottle of Excedrin for the second time this week!! Sheesh…guess someone will be sleeping soundly tonight!!”
These updates are a great way for me to weed out who my children are no longer allowed to visit, but please, for the love of all that is good and holy put the Excedrin and sharp knives away. I call CPS frequently to report my husband and I won’t hesitate to report you too.
  • The Fishing for a Response Update. Example: “Sighhhhh….life can be….so….hard…..”
This status update reaps the rewards of all kinds of concerned friends which is exactly what the updater wants…just a little affirmation that people are out there and still care about her: What’s so hard Maggie? Is everything okay!?! Do you need some company? I’m calling you Maggie, let’s talk about what’s bothering you! Hey Maggie! BUCK. UP. If you’ve got a problem than out with it. I can try to help you, I can offer words of encouragement, I can sip my coffee and keep scrolling, but I absolutely do not have the time to bite this bait and leave a comment asking you if you need a hand to hold.
So what can you post on Facebook? Now that you’re all self conscious about what you should not be posting on Facebook and analyzing which of those I listed is something you actually do, I suppose I should supply you with some alternative options.
I wish I knew.
My last Facebook update was about cookies on July 6th….so I suppose cookies are safe. And then I did give you the go ahead on boobs…I guess that’s all I can think of right now.

I told you that you'd love it!!!
Have a good one ladies!

9 comments: said...

Yes, I loved it! Brilliant post! I thank you for sharing or I definitely would have missed it—it wasn't on my radar this week.

Do you always post something on Saturdays? I just happened upon your link through Twitter this quiet Saturday morning (my kids are still sleeping and I am actually reading a book). I'd like to "subscribe," but I can't seem to find the button on your site. Can you help? said...

I think I need a second cup of coffee—just subscribed. Love your blog! Thanks.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Wasn't it awesome??!
I'm so happy that you stumbled upon us this morning.. How nice that you got to read while your kids slept!! That doesn't happen in this house! lol
I do a Saturday Feature every Saturday. I try to pick my favourite post from the week and share it with all of my readers.. There are so many great bloggers out there that I think it's only fair to share the "love"...
I'm happy you found the subscribe button... lol..second cup of coffee always does the trick!
Thanks again for joining!

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

love it..

My pet peeve on Facebook is the complainer.. example post
Just great my day started off with a baby who barfed on me , then my car wouldn't start and I was late for work and I forgot to take out dinner and my mom is mean and I was lonely as a kid and I wish my husband would tell me I am pretty and I hope my boss chokes on his coffee and.....

HOLY SH*& I want to delete you right now.. Please be responsible for the energy you put out there people!!!
Frig Sarah I love this post.. makes me what to write one too but all my pet peevers read my blog :) ha ha

Enjoy the weekend Friend

Spanish Pinay said...

Hilarious and true!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Ok....
Forgive me...
...for I stand on the opposite side here!! I'm usually one to agree and nod my head as I smile and read blogs; dont get me wrong---great blog! And yes, it *IS* very true...but I cant help but question: Isn't the kettle calling the pot black?! LOL...

Hear me out.....
What a "facebook-er" can post as a status, a "blogger" creates an entire rambling blog about...including links and pictures! (and often is posting it for people they dont even know to read...and then comment on....and then discuss....I mean,...isnt that the same??!! Looking for validation...looking for suggestions...looking for feedback...looking for a pat on the back...looking for get the idea!!) Again, dont get me wrong...but *it is what it is*. And with Twitter, FB and blogs....they each have their unique features but essentially, when it all boils down to it...they're kiiiinda all the same!! Arent they??!

There is a feature, a *1 click feature*, actually :)...that allows you to HIDE all of the status updates, as well as pics that a user posts. I have used this wonderful button for many people! lol!:) But is what it is. Obviously FB is "working"...I mean, look how many ppl check it EVERYDAY!!! And sometimes, I've gotta say, I find it most humorous, that it's the people that supposedly "Cant stand it!" that check it the most!!!!

Again, great blog...not "hating" just think that people need to ease up on their "dissecting" of status' and everything that goes along with it. I've read a ton of blogs that have discussed this very subject...and as much as there is truth..."the complainer gets annoying"..."the bragger gets annoying"...there are also blogs that are repetitive and present topics that we ALL deal with on a daily basis (as you said regarding being able to relate to people's fb status')...that truly, we can ALSO relate to...we just dont feel the need to blog about. So really, I think that as a "facebooker", I caught myself thinking I one of "those people?"...Granted, I have been the "complainer" lately! 32 weeks pregnant and super busy...but again...everyone's status, etc. is related to their personal experiences and life...the same as the Mommy Bloggers *topics* are! I think at the end of the day, it's really not so different...and I know that will probably piss a lot of people off to read that....but I warned you....just my opinion!!! :-)

:-) Kel

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks for your opinion Kelly but I couldn't disagree with you more on this one.
I think that blogs and Facebook are a completely different thing here.
When people choose to follow a blog, they choose to follow because they know the subject, what the blogger talks about, what their writing style is, because they are interested in what the person has to say.
I also disagree with your opinions on why a lot of us bloggers write.
I'm not looking for a pat on the back or validation of any sort.
I blog in hopes to help even just one person feel better about themselves and their situation..
Facebook status' like those mentioned in this post especially those about how much people love their lives, husbands, children etc.. do the opposite of what I'm trying to do one this site..

When you follow a "friend" on Facebook, you don't follow to hear every single nitty gritty detail of their life. At least that is not why I signed up for Facebook..When I follow a blog, that is exactly what I intend to do.
That being said, you have a great point with the one click feature..
and people should probably start using it more often..
I'm sure that Kat had no intentions of stirring up crazy debates with this post, it was probably just a fun post..

Anonymous said...

Certainly not trying to stir up a heated debate...really, I'm not! I just know that you had said in a few other posts that no one ever disagrees with you and it would be fun to GET a debate going. Having said that, I thought I would share my view :-)...but again, not attacking anyone!!

I found it interesting to hear your take on it, and I'm sure there's a sea of people that would agree with your view. I also think that a large group would see my view. I see FB/TWITTER/BLOGGING as someone sitting behind a screen...typing their ideas....sharing them with friends, acquaintances or perhaps strangers. I love that I can connect with friends on facebook about what I am doing in my day...and hear about what they are doing in theirs. I think it's about a common ground. **Really didn't mean YOU were looking for validation....!!!...I just meant in general, bloggers, like fb-ers...are looking for something!! I think common ground....relatedness...
On a final note, just wanted to say that I enjoyed the read. I like your writing style, Kat:-)...and Sarah, obviously you know I love yours! I dont follow any blogs religiously, but a lot of your titles lure me in (!!) and I am always happy I took the time to read:).

Have a great week, everyone!


NotSoSilentMommy said...

I don't mind at all that you shared your opinon, and I love debates, I would rather just debate something that I wrote rather than someone else's post.
I totally see you point, and I have no problem with twitter status' and facebook status'.. This was done in fun. The problem I have is with the people who try to portray a disgustingly perfect life and that share TOO much info..
I really don't pay much attention to those that do it anymore but I still think its fun to make fun of them when I get the chance too..
Sorry.. just who I am..
Like I said,, I'm up for a heated debate anytime on this blog,, I enjoy it actually, but as long as people know that I am going to give my opinion back once they've stated theirs..

Thanks for the compliments, I know you like reading..and hopefully I can continue to keep people here.. even when they don't like what I have to say... :)

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