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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Fav.... MAN VS. MOMMY

Okay, so this post wasn't from this past week, but I just read it this week, so it still counts.

This isn't only one of my favourite posts of the week, it may just be one of my favourite posts to date..

MAN VS MOMMY is a blog written by a Stay at Home Mommy to a little boy she calls "MAN".
Most of her posts make me chuckle out loud while reading, and I've never been disappointed with a post..

The post that I'm featuring is called THAT'S JUST DOWNRIGHT UNFAIR and it is absolutely hilarious. You'll see why when you read it..
Read the article below, and then be sure to pop over to her website and check out some of her other posts...
As usual, you won't regret it!!


There are things we do and situations we accept as mommies (and daddies too) that are just so downright unfair sometimes, but we embrace them because we want to be moms… we HAVE to be moms.  I polled all of the mothers I know and asked them what they embraced despite feeling unjust. 
Here is the top 20:
1.      The muffin top, no matter how hard I work it never seems to totally disappear.(Incidentally, this showed up in about 90% of the responses)
2.   Doing bedtime by myself for 3 kids 3 nights a week because my husband is not home.
3.    Saturday Morning is now for activities (soccer, baseball, lacrosse, tap) instead of for sleeping off  a hangover. 
4.    I have to go to the gym to get alone time.
             (ManVsMommy: Ugh, me too)
5.    Supermarket shopping and or doing chores outside of the house counts as a “daily activity”.
6.     I pack the diaper bag every time we leave the house, so if we forget something it’s always my fault.
7.     In public places the changing tables are always in the ladies room, so no matter what I always have to change the baby when we are out.
(ManVsMommy: Right?  That just sucks for us women!)
8.    I can never just eat my own meal.  Little hands must be allowed to pick/try/touch every morsel even if they are just going to then spit it back out into my hand and tell me it is gross.
9.   My coffee is never hot, always lukewarm.  Everyone always seems to need me right as I pour a hot cup or right as it comes out of the microwave… having already been reheated once, or thrice…
10.  Haven’t used the bathroom with the door shut in 5 years and 7 months. Meanwhile husband is gone for 30 minutes and gets to read. 
( ManVsMommy strongly agrees with this one.  Man likes to join me and feast on the TP while I  do  my business, but my husband is gone with the ipad for an hour)
11.    No matter how hard I try, laughing hysterically and sneezing will never be the same!
(ManVsMommy: Right??  I thought Depends were for old people)
12.  I don’t get to obsess about every meal, wander the aisles of the grocery store aimlessly, dreaming of meals, dishes and delicious things to cook up. Now, it’s more like the crusts of PB&J
(This is a problem for ManVsMommy as well, no more pouring over my Epicurious app to see what special recipes I can make.  Now it’s what’s fastest.)
 13.   I have to listen to children’s music in the car now. And he doesn’t want to listen to cool (well, sort of cool) stuff like Rockabye Baby Beatles, it has to be the kiddiest crap there is).
 14.  Even though when he naps it’s my free time, I’m still confined to my house.
(Yes, ManVsMommy started blogging for this exact reason… who wants to do chores during nap time, it’s my free time, but I can’t do much because I am confined to my house…)
15.  Even when I leave the house it’s still not a break, as I spend more time preparing to leave her with someone else than I do actually out of the house. 
16.   I feel like I’m always giving my husband (who is already very helpful) a list of things to do.  But I still hate that it will never be 50/50
17.   I get to stay home and watch the baby while my husband gets to go play golf.  I learned to play golf FOR you, you got me obsessed with the game and now I sit home while you play.  Incidentally, this also gives him slightly more “alone time”.
18.  Even after the baby goes to sleep, I still have to cook dinner, do laundry, and generally take care of the house.
19.   My husband thinks I stay home and “play all day”… since when is feeding, changing, and running after a active toddler considered “playing”?
20.  My metabolism is completely different; I can’t eat anything but salad for fear of the dreaded MUFFIN TOP!
Despite it’s unfairness, what do you embrace to be a mommy??

Have an awesome Saturday ladies!


RoryBore said...

excellent post! I can agree with pretty much everything.

A recent one for me is that my husband bought me a new computer for my birthday - our old laptop could not handle most of the things I wanted to do on my blog; and it was soooo slow. So of course what happened when I got my new super duper speedy computer? I blogged more! This makes mama happy.
Do you think it makes everyone else happy? Nay, Nay.
I felt the need to point out that the house is still clean, the fridge stocked, meals made, laundry done, children alive...and somewhat well. I could spend 10 hours a day on the computer, and still be "here" more than his 14 hour work shifts allow him.
back off the mama time minnions!

Missy said...

I love her! Totally heading over to find her and subscribe right now! Thanks for sharing!

About A Mom said...

This is all so sadly true. Too funny! New GFC follower stopping by from VB. Please visit when you get a chance.

True Identity said...

These sound very familiar when my kids were babies, now there's still much of it that goes on after they grow up a bit more.

Anonymous said...

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manvsmommy said...

This is ManvsMommy! Thank you so much for the repost! I can't believe I missed this years ago! I have lost of new posts out and we have added a "Lady" to the mix! Please read and enjoy!

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