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Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Fun Show Off

Can you believe that Summer is almost over??
In some ways it feels like it has just begun. Other days though,I think of how much we've done and how much fun we've had and can't believe it's only August..

I was looking through all of my pictures the other day, and can't help but smile at how much the girls have grown (in every way) and learned this summer.

Today, I am very excited to Link up with Shell at Things I Can't Say and her Summer Fun Show Off.

I've grabbed some of my favourite pictures to show you all, it was hard to pick, but these are of some of my favorite days this summer.

There are many photos that I would like to share with all of you, but I decided to stick to "family"
Let's just say though that the majority of my Summer fun (not more fun, just different!)happened during the evening!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone! We still have a few weeks to make memories!!

Don't forget to play safe!!

Fellow Bloggers, be sure to link up your Summer Fun with Shell to win great prizes from Ubisoft

Daddy and his girls after a fun day in the sun.

Trying to get Lylah more comfortable in the water..

Gracie catching some sun..

Silly girls..

Dreaming of one day when we have a real pool!!

First time old enough to know we're on a real boat!! She loved it!

Completely loving water now! A day at the beach!

Lylah and daddy considering diving in!



Shell said...

Your girls are so darling!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks Shell... and thanks for hosting such a fun link party!!

Lizbeth said...

You looked like you had a great summer. I'm jealous!

Galit Breen said...

So very much cuteness and sweetness here- LOVE!

RoryBore said...

looks like a good summer had by all! My kids just love the water too...I think most of my shots would be something water related.

adashofdomestic said...

Great pictures! I love the pool picture!

Missy said...

So fun! Lots and lots of water time!

Adrienne said...

Ok, your adorable little girls make me wish I had one of my own. Just a little. They are too cute!

Stopped by from Shell's Summer Show Off. Loved all the pics!

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