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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Words to live by!!

Sorry ladies! No time for a real post, but thought you would all love this!!!
I'm addicted to Pinterest and it's taking from my Blog time.. My apologies!!! :)

As I pin this, my h2o mop is staring at me, and my feet are sticky because of the spilled Freezie all over my floors..

Perfect timing!!

'via Blog this'


Steph said...

That is awesome Sarah!!! I love it. Thanks for making me feel better. Going to go play on the floor with the boys before homework time now. :). Haven't tried pinterest but know many (like yourself) who are addicted. Makes nervous to venture over there ;) have a good one!

Small Kucing said...

YES!!!!! I should have this hanging in my home. hahahaha :)

RoryBore said...

I think I have found my new philosophy of life!

Lisa said...

I. Want. This. For my house.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

It's funny ladies.. when I posted this, I almost knew who was going to respond...and who would love it..
I love you ladies!!! Les,, this is definitely my new philosophy!! Lisa,, I'm on the hunt for it so I will let you know...
Small Kucing.. I will let you know too.. I think every good mommy should have this..
And Steph!! You have to check it out! After today, I have my house decorated for Christmas (in my mind) Halloween costumes picked, birthday party plans and New Years dress bought!! lol..

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