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Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are so many memories stored inside of us. Obviously we forget that we have some of them.

It wasn't until this morning that I was reminded of one of my favourite childhood memories.

Our SEARS CHRISTMAS WISH BOOK came yesterday. I browsed through it last night, starting my Christmas shopping in my head. (Don't let me fool you, I'll be shopping the week before, just like every other year... Queen procrastinator!)

I left the book open on the couch and went to bed. When Gracie came down this morning, she took her nosy little nose over to it, and started flipping.
The look of awe on her face was amazing.. Flipping through page after page of treasure after treasure.

While she was stopping me every two seconds to show me something she wanted, I remembered something that my mom let us do when we were kids.

She would give us a pen, and we all got to sit with the Wish Book and initial whatever we liked. Whatever we wanted Santa to bring to us. We could check of whatever we wanted but knew that we wouldn't get it all.

So... I sat Gracie at the kitchen table, (where she still is right now) and gave her a pen.
She was so excited that she got to sit and mark whatever she wanted. I remember being just as excited as her as I flipped those pages looking for the next best thing..

Gracie is different than I ever was. I flipped from front to back, marking EVERYTHING that I even sort of wanted.
Gracie has been flipping through, ever so calmly and really thinking about whether she wants it or not. She's decided a couple of times that although she would like something, she doesn't want it enough to mark the page. That to me is amazing for a 3 year old. (Am I allowed to say that?)lol

As she sat quietly, marking the pages, I sat drinking my coffee, enjoying every second of watching her.
Suddenly she jumped up with a big "MOMMY, LOOK AT THIS!".... I was already laughing imagining what this could be.. I was prepared to tell her to remember that Santa doesn't get everything thinking that it would be a big ticket item.
When she got to me, she said "I think that Sissy would love this, is it okay if I mark the pages for things that Lylah would like, so Santa gets her stuff too?"
My heart melted..

I've done something right! I must have! What 3 year old stops looking at toys that could be hers long enough to pick some out for her sister?
I am so proud of her!!

It didn't stop there! She continued to find items that she thinks Santa should bring Mommy and Daddy as well.. She found a beautiful necklace for me, and a watch for daddy..

It's only 9am, but it has already been a pretty neat morning in my house.
I love when I remember something so special from my childhood, and I love it even more when it's my kids that remind me.

Now.... if I can just teach Gracie how to mark the jewelry with the biggest diamonds, so that "SANTA" knows what mommy wants..

Have your kids reminded you of a great childhood memory?


Sadie said...

Reading this made me wish we had the Wishbook at our house this morning! So sweet!

Julie said...

This reminded me of my girls last year doing the same thing I had the wish book laying on my bedroom floor. It got really quiet so I went upstairs to see what trouble they were getting into but when I got up there, there were the two of them laying on their stomaches looking through the book. I quietly took a picture of them it was so cute, and it reminded me of my sister and I.

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

what an awesome memory and I loved the days that we got the book at our house growing up..

Great post

J. A. Bennett said...

That has to be the sweetest thing I have ever read! What a good idea, I might have to go get me a wish book now too!

Shell said...

That is precious! And I bet Santa wants to bring here even more now.

Missy said...

That is sooooo sweet! And I used to LOVE the Sears wish book!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I loved this "wish book" days!! memories! great post!

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