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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The King's Birthday

How many of you remember my birthday this year??

For those of you that don't, you may want to READ THIS first, before reading on.

It's funny you know, as I was driving around today, I thought back 3 months to my birthday, and couldn't help but ask myself what the hell I was thinking..

It's Peter's birthday today. 36!! Doesn't that sound old? Yikes!

Anyway, I had a little surprise party for him on Saturday night. I pulled it off quiet well and he was very happy with it.

All last week,  I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. I made sure there was lots of food, including all of his favourites. I bought his favourite booze. I even emailed and called people to make sure all bases were covered.

I spent Saturday morning doing last minute shopping and then headed to my parents house to prepare food, and jello shooters.. I snuck/sneaked (??)  his clothes and booze out of the house, along with a packed bag of everything/anything that he might want or need when he gets there.

Oh, and don't forget a bag that was packed with everything the girls and I would need...because we'd be spending the night..

I should remind you that I accomplished all of these tasks with child in tow... Yep!!

After preparing everything, I went home and cleaned the house top to bottom.
(He thought we were having people over, and if I didn't clean the house like a psycho, he would have caught on)

Long story short. The party was great. He had way too much fun and spent the rest of the LONG weekend on the couch.
(Smart girl eh? Plan him as party and lose him for the weekend.. Someone please remind me not to do that again....EVER!)

Today comes.
His REAL birthday.
What do I do?
Tell him that he already had his "birthday" and go on with my day like normal?
Hell no!
I Run around like a chicken with my head off again, planning the perfect dinner, buying the perfect gift, the perfect wine, and now baking the perfect damn cake.

I ran around town today, with two NASTY, bratty children to give the guy who sucks at birthdays "the perfect second birthday".

Why do I do this you ask? I mean, you probably read my post about my "not so perfect" birthdays, so it seems strange that I would go to all of this trouble. Right?

I do it because I love this man more than anyone in the whole world. More than I ever could have imagined possible.
And, even if he drives me crazy at times and really doesn't get it most of the time, I love him.

He deserves ever bit of special that the girls and I have put into his day.
Plus it's an excuse to have wine at dinner...
Oh, and the fact that I'm praying that if I make his day extraordinary, he might, just maybe, put a little extra thought and effort into my day next year.... lol

You didn't think I would do all of that without a little ulterior motive now did you???



minimolly said...


RoryBore said...

Happy Birthday to the King! (who should know, a wise King makes sure the Queen is happy!)

Thea said...

I finally published my thank you post! I linked you to it. So sorry it has taken me so long to do it!

thanks again :)

sorry I am putting this on the wrong post, but I wanted to make sure you saw it!

Shell said...

Smart girl- he now has a lot to live up to!

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