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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No post today!!! :(

Why you ask? Let me start, by repeating what I said to my hubby today..

"Any mom who says that working full time is harder than being a stay at home mom, can kiss my BUTT!" ~ don't be haters, I'm having a bad day.
Today my friends, I wanted to be a working mom.
Don't worry, it won't last!

Let me, help you, make sense of that statement...

A taste of my day.

1. Gracie is a bear! School is getting the best of her and she is one tired little brat monkey. I cannot even begin to guess how many meltdowns I experience today. HER NOT ME!

2. Lylah is a bear! I think the terrible two's have officially started. I swear she is my karma for saying that I didn't believe in terrible two's.. Gracie didn't go through that. Gracie is having her terrible two's at 4!!!

3.Gracie decided to redecorate her bedroom...... WITH TOOTHPASTE!!! She was supposed to be having a nap, but chose instead to steal mommies toothpaste and paint everything in her room. Her carpet, her walls, HERSELF!!!!

4. Lylah decided to redecorate my living room with BLACK enamel craft paint. Silly me for thinking that the company would have a seal under that lid...
That being said, I wasn't LETTING her play with the paint. She pushed a chair to the counter, climbed on it, and snagged my paint. What was I doing while she did all of this, you ask? Probably cleaning up TOOTHPASTE!! So, she got black paint on my carpet, my couch, my wood floor, and HERSELF!! All over HERSELF!

On top of all of that, I have a MOUNTAIN, no really, a mountain of laundry that I just can't find the motivation to do. Gracie even said to me today "Mommy, when we get home, can I keep climbing that mountain?" NICE!!!

Speaking of laundry.. Can someone please clarify WHO'S job it is to check and or empty the pockets in a pair of pants? If they are in the laundry hamper, ready for the wash, who should be checking those pockets???

That's it. I'm done. I feel much better now. Thanks for allowing me to vent..
Off to do some laundry..... or maybe just read some more blogs.

Goodnight ladies..


Sadie said...

First - being a stay at home mom is a hard, if not the hardest, job out there.

Second - I feel PASSIONATELY that the wearer of the pants is obligated to empty their pockets BEFORE depositing pants in the laundry bin for wash. No items of clothing should be deposited before a pocket check. I am so passionate about this law that I often contemplate inventing a laundry basket that gives an electric shock to the clothing owner who deposits clothing in the basket without emptying pockets - a high volt shock if the unremoved item is chewing gum, holds any sort of ink or melts.

Third - even though Sophie was well past naps when she started JK we re-implemented nap/quiet time on non-school days and moved bed time to a half hour earlier. By about November she was more pleasant and we went back to normal. That said, weeks when she want 3 times always ended with a miserable Friday night.

In other words - you aren't alone!

Amanda Crann said...

I feel for you after reading this!! You will get through it!! And being a stay at home mom is not easy and anyone who says it is must know something no one else does!!! I have a baby that is very content for the most part and sleeps very well but there is still so much to do and this is the first time I have really stayed at home for a long time and the more I do the more I feel I need to do. As for laundry IT NEVER ENDS!!! I am always doing laundry or at least it feels that way!! And I feel like I am always in a panic, of how it will look to someone if they come in if everything is not in place(which it never will But you know what really who cares besides us...when I go in someone's house I don't care if their laundry is not done or there is a sink of dishes or toys on the floor etc. What business is that of mine so I need to start feeling the same about my house I guess because it is not as if us mommies sit on our butt all day. Sarah, there will be better days ahead!! We have to keep reminding ourselves of that!! Give the girls a kiss from us and we will talk soon!!! xoxo

RoryBore said...

I love it when hubby doesn't check his else could I support my caffeine addiction? he's like my java dealer! ha

toddlers must have declared international mutiny today. mine drew all over my buttercream sectional couch in black crayon! Black!
Luckily...I still had one bottle of fabric cleaner left after the great "green" revival.
Sorry earth -- I love my buttercream couch.
Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Me 2 U said...

I have to say that I think that being a stay at home Mum is harder then working. I am a working Mum and I know that I would NOT have been able to stay home every day all day. Don't get me wrong I have a wonderful little girl (with no plans for more) but I work to get away and do big people talk a grown up conversation. It might be about kids, but they aren't there pulling at my or the person I am talking to sleeve interrupting. I can walk across the room and not trip on a toy. I can find a quiet corner and sit by myself for a couple minutes.
My hat's off to you Sarah for being a strong women. Also for seeing the odd client in your already busy day, you have NO idea how much I appreciate it. Even if you have to cancel at last minute, I am ok with that. YOU are WORTH THE WAIT. One of the biggest reasons (besides the obvious you do an excellent job) I enjoy talking to you. I always leave your house feeling way better because of the little conversations we have.
Keep up the good work.

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