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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Fav.... MOMMY 2¢

I knew that I was going to love this blog when I clicked on it, and saw this header...


The post that I'm using as my Saturday favourite is the first one that I read on this site, and that was all it took. I'm hooked!!

I'm sure you'll all enjoy it as much as I did. When you're done reading, make sure you pop over to the site to read some other posts.. to do that, CLICK HERE.

Am I the only one...?

There are so many times in a day I think to myself “Am I the only one…”

Am I the only one who finds themselves ignoring their kids to read blogs?

Am I the only one who looks forward to bedtime?

Am I the only one who is emotionally torn when 3 o’clock rolls around?

Am I the only one who despises laundry so bad that I’d rather clean toilets 
instead of folding laundry and putting it away?

Am I the only one who tells their kids that the mechanical horse at the 
grocery store is dead when going in entrance #1 so I don’t have to walk
all the way over to entrance #2 so they can ride it?

Am I the only one
who tackles my kids to the ground and kisses their 
faces so much it makes them cry?

Am I the only one
who thinks it’s AWESOME to jump out from behind 
things to scare people?

Am I the only one who’s a nervous wreck when anyone else is driving 
my kids around but me? Even my husband…especially my husband…
not a good driver!

Am I the only one who teaches the trust fall game from Tosh.o to 
their kids?

Am I the only one who tells my kids that an ambulance is on its

way to get me & take me to the hospital cuz they are being bad
and it's breaking my heart?

Am I the only one who uses an air horn to get my kids attention 
when my voice isn’t getting the job done?

Am I the only one who gets pissed at her kids when they get hurt
cuz 9.5 times out of 10 it’s because they’re doing something I’ve already
told them to stop?

Am I the only one who deprives my kids from Chucky Cheese because I
detest the place?

Am I the only one
who has kids that hate to sit down and eat?

Am I the only one
who throws those f*cking school fundraising packets
away that are constantly being sent home in my kids backpacks and writes 
a donation check the very next day?

Am I the only one who has a mini panic attack whenever their kids go on
fieldtrips further than 10 minutes away when riding in a school bus?

Am I the only one who doesn’t watch the Bachelor, Bachelorette, or
Dancing with the Stars?

Although, every single one of those thoughts has run through my head,
 most of it was just meant to be funny.  I am beyond blessed to have 2 
amazing & healthy (well…let’s say 1 & 1 ½ healthy) kids of whom I love 
dearly with all my heart despite the fact they can drive me a bit nuts at
 times.  There’s not a more sobering reminder to me of how lucky I am 
than when I read or hear about a sick child.  Cheryl from On the Old Path - 
Because of you, I gave my kids extra kisses tonight before bed and tried 
really hard not to get irate with them when they wouldn’t go to sleep.  
My thoughts & prayers are with you, your son Joel, and your family!

Have a great weekend ladies...


Adrienne said...

She sounds like a sassy, honest blogger! just what I like! :)

RoryBore said...

it's funny.....the rides at my grocery store are always broken too. hmmm. must be some crazed mechanical animal vandal on the loose....everywhere.

I love this kind of honesty. definitely earns a go-see

Lisa said...

Let's see. I don't watch any reality TV. PJ hates to sit down and eat. I don't go to Chucky cheese. My kids aren't old enough yet for some of the other things, but I bet your ass I'll be doing them too.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

I love this post!!! I don't think about the things that I do, and then you just pointed most of them out!! Too funny! Thanks for your candid honesty! Glad I found your blog!


Mommy2¢ said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad I was able to put a smile on your faces. Please feel free to visit my blog anytime and follow if you like. A new follower and/or comment is like a little taste of Christmas morning every time! *Muahh* xoxo

nateandkatesmom said...

Thanks for introducing Mommy 2 cents! It's a great blog! And I'm highlighting you by giving you the Liebster Award! Go on over to my blog to see what to do next!...or not! (I always hate following the rules) Anyway, I know what you mean about giving your kids extra kisses. We just lost a 5 year old little girl in my neighborhood to brain cancer. My heart is breaking for the family! Counting my blessings indeed!

Bestfoodies said...

Glad I found your blog through MondayListicles. You really put a lot into this post and i enjoyed it.

Cocoons 2 Butterflies said...

I do so many of these things in this list it is crazy! Glad to know I'm not the only one, and be sure that you are not the only one either. :)

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