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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Number on the Smartie box..


I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! We had a really fun day/night..
I will post a picture at the end of this post, so you can see just how cute my girls were.. (It's a mommy blog, yes, I'm bragging!)
And to make up for bragging, I can tell you that when we took those costumes off, and they consumed WAY too much sugar, they weren't so cute anymore..
Today,,, yeah,, still not so cute!!
I think the candy fairy might sneak in and steal the majority of the candy tonight.
There is absolutely no need for all of this "crap" to be in my house!

So, we had a fun day/night. The girls are getting to be fun ages. They have so much fun looking at all of the other kids' costumes.
I think they have more fun staying home and handing out the candy than they do trick or treating.

Daddy was on trick or treat duty... and pumpkin carving duty,, and well,,, pumpkin seed baking..
I, after all, found the costumes, dressed them up, bought the candy and bought the pumpkins. I think that is a fair trade off.

All in all, I think we all had a lot of fun with Halloween this year.

One thing though, changed the tone of my night, just a little.

As I was prying a mini box of Smarties out of Lylah's hands, I noticed that there was a white (speech like) bubble on the end of the box.
When I looked a little closer, I saw that it read......

1 800 668 6868

WOW!! Something about that, just pulled at my heart..

Here I am having an awesome night with my girls. I look at them so happy, laughing, smiling, dancing.
They were making memories. Great memories..

My happiness suddenly changes to sadness thinking that there are children at this exact moment, struggling, suffering, crying, hurting.. all while they should be enjoying childhood. Enjoying halloween. WOW!

I know what goes on. I know that the world isn't a perfect place. 
Something about that Smartie box really hit me though. 
I'll never be able to look at a Smartie box again without thinking of children suffering somewhere out there..

Maybe that's part of the idea..

It's a smart idea you know.. Putting that on a box for not only children who need the number, but for people like me. People that need reminders, or need their eyes open to what a cruel world we live in. 

I'd like to tell Nestle (makers of Smarties) that it worked..
I'm now sitting here today trying to find a way to help these kids..

I hope you all had a great Halloween! 
Did any of you notice the number on the Smartie box??


Small Kucing said...

didnt notice about the helpline.hehehe...sounds like a very fun Halloween. Now...looking forward to Christmas....

RoryBore said...

My daughter just squealed at the Strawberry Shortcake costume - LOL.

And I did notice the ##, it's also on the full size box too. I think they started putting it on there due to bullying. It's a sad reminder indeed, but I am also glad that such an organization exists.

Minivan Mama said...

So true....I'll have to look on the a smarties wrapper to see. Love the costumes. My daughter was Strawberry last year! Loved that costume!

Steph said...

Way to crush my happy moment! But I know you are right... I feel like I live in my own little bubble sometimes where we have what we need because we have family and friends who are always there to support us. It is good to be reminded. So, thank you for reminding me... Your girls ARE adorable! But mine are, just kidding! :) We had fun, but yes, WAY too much candy sitting around the house! They will choose there favorites tonight and the rest will be "stored" away... ahem, somewhere... ;)

Shell said...

Oh,your girls are adorable!

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Such cuteness ... and those reality checks? We need them!
Loving all the linked up BOO posts! :)

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