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Monday, February 6, 2012

Miss the kids... really??

Would I sound like a terrible person if I said that I don't miss my kids when they're not with me?

Would I?

I've been having some serious mommy guilt since last weekend..

We spent the weekend with a loved one in the hospital. We had to leave the girls early Saturday afternoon and we didn't get home until early Sunday evening. (It wasn't like it was 2 weeks)
As we were starting our day on Sunday morning, Peter looked at me and said "I'm really missing the girls".....

I didn't respond...

I sat there thinking "REALLY?!!"

Is that horrible?

I really didn't miss them..
I knew that they were in very good hands, they were safe, and healthy, and probably having more fun than they would be having if we were home with them..
Me.. I was peaceful.

Yes, I was in a hospital with someone who is very close to me that is very sick, but I was peaceful.

I wasn't chasing anyone. I wasn't yelling. I wasn't listening to my name being screamed every 2 seconds. I wasn't wiping noses, or bums.I peed by myself, My coffee was still hot as I drank it, and I read a WHOLE magazine in one sitting.....

I was peaceful....I wasn't missing the girls..

And then SUPER DAD goes and ruins it by saying that he misses them..

I felt bad, so I tried to miss them, but I couldn't.
I was enjoying my time away, even if I wasn't in the most ideal place or situation..and yes, if given the choice, I would much rather be with the girls. I didn't have a choice though, and I didn't miss them.

Does that make me horrible??


RoryBore said...

I'd love to have a chance to miss my 3! LOL

I had been feeling under the weather for too long, and left them in daddy's capable hands all weekend long. I read 2 books! books Without pictures! I didn't miss them at all. And I am ok with that.

(but all that brave talk would probably go right out the window if I did go away for more than a weekend.)

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Maybe your husband usually just sees them on weekends because of work???? Either way, when I go away I pretend I have no children and read us weekly and drink martinis.....

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Thanks ladies.. Its so refreshing to be reminded that we're never alone.. lol
Magazines and that is my idea of some peaceful time away!!

Isabella said...

It seems that us moms get the back end of raising kids, while the dads get the fun part playing.. When I am away I don't miss my child..I feel peaceful..not having to yell, etc. I don't think men get what a mom's job actually entails.

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling guilty for wanting me time (witch I never get) but after reading your blog it has helped me relize I am not the only one!!!

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