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Inspiration for Mommy

"NO ONE can make you feel inferior without your consent!" ~Eleanor Roosevelt


You're gonna miss this ~ Trace Adkins

"Take care of the moments, because the years take care of themselves" ~ added by Victoria

"This too shall pass" ~ added by Lindsay and Angela

"When they are in college/university you wont be concerned that they aren't sleeping through the night and I am sure they will be potty trained" ~added by Lindsay

Reflections of Motherhood~added by Angela

Next time you catch yourself saying "WHY ME???!!!" Stop, and remember to make sure that you ask yourself "WHY ME?!!!" to all of the great things in your life that you have been blessed with as well! ~added by Kelly


therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

I think we need to be friends.. you seem like a lost sister.. I LOVE THIS PAGE!! and almost all your quotes are in my book of quotes that i keep handy to keep me grounded and remember what is important. I tell my girlfriends all the time about that song cuss i think it will happen to us all.

Sarah said...

Thanks so much!! It's funny how much we have in common....

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