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Kids Say the Cutest Things!!

So many times in the past, I have thought to myself, or had someone else say "oh my gosh that should be written down". Always, of course to something that my wacky little 3 year old has said... She's been coming out with some great ones lately, so I thought this would be a great place to share them. I'm hoping that you will share some with us as well..
No one can put a smile on our face like kids can!
Feel free to email me with anything you'd like to add!! This can be the place to go when we need a little laugh!
Hopefully you can see the same humor in these as I can!

We were talking about what we wanted for lunch today, and I asked Gracie if she wanted a sandwich. Her response??? "But I don't like knuckles mommy!"
"What do you mean?" 
"I don't like a knuckle sandwich!" (thanks to daddy for that!)

Lylah was very tired today and had a mini melt down. Gracie came running over. I thought she was concerned but she bent down and said to Lylah "WOW!! Somebody needs a nap!!!" 

"Gracie, could you please take this to the laundry room for mommy?"
"No Thanks! Maybe next time Mommy" (she's three!! At least she was polite about it!)

This morning while I was making the girls their breakfast, I heard this
"Guess what Lylah? You know what?! It's January, and when it's gone, Its February!" (lol,, February wasn't spoken like it sounds but that is okay) Not sure where this one came from

Tonight,, while "fighting" with a 3 year old :

"Gracie, it's time to get ready for bed"
"NO!!! I WANT chips!!"
"Well, I WANT a good girl!"
"Well, I want to be a BAD girl!" GRRRRR

While driving home the other day, Peter yawned.
Gracie says "What's the matter daddy?"
"Oh, I'm just tired Gracie"
"Well sleep in the car daddy, it's easy, just close your eyes,, SEE!" and she closes her eyes.

Submitted by Sharon from
My 5 year old son said, "If you're not supposed to be making my dinner in the kitchen, then why do you have milk and eggs already inside you?"


Anonymous said...

lol....I always love to hear what children have to say especially when the are my adorable little neices!!!

mrsmomx6 said...

LOL...lovin' the little ones and their brilliant words of wisdom.

My 5 year old son said, "If you're not supposed to be making my dinner in the kitchen, then why do you have milk and eggs already inside you?"

My mouth is still on the floor :)

Sharon at

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Are you kidding Sharon??!!! I
think that could win awards for cutest thing said by a child. Also, you have one smart 5 year old!! Thanks for sharing!!

Supriya said...

Good Lord !!! Seriously kids say and ask the cutest things in the world. My 4 yr old asked me that mom whenever a bedtime story finishes, why is the climax like the prince wanted to marry the girl and they were married or the kings n queens got friends together and married their kids...why doesn't anyone ask the princess about this??!! STUNNED I was...and there came another blow...Once I grow up and get married will I have to do whatever my prince asks me to?!!ANd began a session of cute questions and answers for another half an hour :-)

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